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The best food for chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, and pigs

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We manufacture our Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified animal feeds, supplements and treats with a much more “hands on” approach than most feed mills. Our employees work hard every day to receive, measure, grind, mix, package, and sell every bag of feed we produce. Our system allows us to accurately track and record every bag of feed that gets sold with a lot number that can tell us every detail about each ingredient that went into that product. By utilizing small batch production runs, we can ensure accurate and safe quality control.


Minimally-Processed Feeds

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Staying true to our core philosophy of producing only the freshest, most wholesome, organic feeds available, we do not over-process our animal feeds into pellets or use any unnatural additives or medications in our products. Pelleted feeds have become the norm in the animal feed industry because they solve the age-old problem of fine particle waste. However, the process of making pelleted feeds uses incredibly high pressure, moisture, and heat to bind ingredients together into a digestible pellet. Unfortunately, these conditions often destroy or otherwise alter the natural nutritional aspects of the feed. Because we don’t make pelleted feed, you may notice a bit of dusty powder left over in your chickens’ feeder. Try some of our feeding tips or ferment your feed to help them clean up their plate.