Give us your elevator pitch on who you are and what you enjoy.

I’m a 4th generation Washington native (born in the same town as my great grandmother!) and daughter of a country veterinarian. I blame my dad for my animal obsession. I’m a Washington State University College of Agriculture alumni, but my day job is for the Washington Huskies. I currently live in south King County with two dogs, a barn cat, 14 chickens (including a rooster named after my coworker), four goats and my husband and daughter. When not working or tending to my menagerie, I love to hike, run, and take in live music and theater.

What are your favorite feed stores in your area?

I love Portage Bay Grange in the U-District in Seattle. This store is in the heart of the bustling University District and also a quirky feed store that has live chicks year round and all kinds of urban farming essentials, as well as resources for beekeeping and pickling. I also love Coastal in Auburn, because it’s an emporium for all things farm and outdoors!

What animals do you have and how many of each?

In addition to what is listed above, we’re also planning for my daughter’s first horse!

What do you love about Scratch and Peck Feeds?

I love that Scratch and Peck is committed to providing the highest quality feeds possible while lowering its carbon footprint by sourcing grain locally. My chickens would say “the grubs!”

Lastly, if you could be a chicken, which type of chicken would you be?

I’d totally be a Cochin. They’re muppets in chicken form!