Ambassador Spotlight: Joan Hurst

Ambassador Spotlight: Joan Hurst

joan-hurst-scratch-peck-brand-ambassadorGive us your elevator pitch on who you are and what you enjoy.

I am a retired letter carrier from California who, with my partner Terry Gentry, purchased 20 acres in McCleary, Washington in 2005. We wanted to use our land in a sustainable fashion, so I took a WSU Extension class and discovered that raising pastured poultry would be a good fit for us, thus the beginning of G and H Pastured Poultry in 2011. I enjoy the rural life and working on our property. There is always something to do!

What is your favorite feed store in your area?

Elma Farm and Feed in Elma, Washington is my favorite feed store.

What animals do you have and how many of each?

We have one dog (Fergie), 3 horses, one of which we board for a friend, 4 pigs (soon to go to hog heaven), 20 turkeys, 40 laying hens, and we raise and butcher about 1,200 broilers from March until October.

Tell us a little about your farm.

We have a green house and a good size garden to raise our own produce. It also augments the pigs and the laying hens. We have eggs to sell and consume ourselves, and meat chickens that we sell to local chefs and, of course, our loyal customers.

What do you love about Scratch and Peck Feeds?

What is not to love? When we were starting the business in 2011, we had two big decisions to make: The type of birds to raise and the type of feed to grow them on. We knew that we wanted a no soy, no GMO feed and there was this little company that was just getting started called Scratch and Peck Feeds. So we sat in our dining room with Diana Ambauen-Meade, the owner of Scratch and Peck, and were convinced that this was the best feed for our product. We’ve been a customer, and now Brand Ambassador, ever since.

Lastly, if you could be a chicken, which type of chicken would you be?

First of all, I would want to be a laying chicken so I would have a long lifespan. As for a breed of laying hen, I enjoy my Ameraucanas, plus their nice green eggs. I would also like to live at the Greenhorn Ranch, home of G and H Pastured Poultry, because I am fed well, housed safely and get to run around outside all day.

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