Give us your elevator pitch on who you are and what you enjoy.
I’m a North Dakota girl with farming in my heart and the mission of clean food on my plate. There’s no place I’d rather be than on this land growing food and loving all our critters. I really enjoy cruising around here with my headphones on, rock’n punk and get’n dirty.

What are your favorite feed stores in your area?
We frequent a few feed stores in our area, mainly Poulsbo Grain and Feed in Poulsbo, WA and Bay Hay and Feed on Bainbridge Island, WA.

What animals do you have and how many of each?
Oh wow, now I gotta think. We have nine Finnish Landrace sheep for fiber and meat: three ewes, four lambs, one wether, and one ram. There are also 16 Nigerian Dwarf goats for milk and super fun kids: six does, one wether, one stinky buck, three junior does, and five bucklings. Fun fact: Our last kidding, Addie delivered quintuplets! That’s 1 in 10,000 odds. She’s taking her “Herd Queen” status quite seriously. We also have give Narragansett turkeys, about 60 laying hens, three cats, two Anatolian / Pyrenees LGDs, a chihuahua, and a 16-year-oldold Grama lab. Phew!

You own The Smithshyre. Tell us about your farm, including how you got started and what you grow.
We kind of fell backward into farming by taking over a rental that had a large market garden and some chickens. We were seduced by the magic of “the seed”. A single, solitary seed could grow a tremendous amount of food and we were in love. That coupled with our disenfranchised view of the current food system set us on the path of creating our own food system. We became involved with the local online farmers market and realized we were making a difference. That lead us to purchasing our own farm! We grow organic, pastured chicken, eggs, turkey, lamb, and pork. Our homestead was blessed with orchards, so we also sell apples, berries, pears and quince. We also have 1/4 acre and two greenhouses in production and grow a lot of the usual stuff, as well as a bunch of niche products like salsify, mugwort, and other fun oddities. We sell these items through a local, online farmers market that we started here in Poulsbo. It’s amazing!

What do you love about Scratch and Peck Feeds?
What’s not to love? Clean food! I love that it is raw nutrition and that there is food for all my critters. Their mission aligns with ours and is the direction we feel this world needs to go. Together, we’ll make this planet a better, more healthy place.

Lastly, if you could be a chicken, which type of chicken would you be?
I’d have to go with a barn yard mixer, blue or olive egger. Dust baths and grubs are nice, but I think I’d prefer to be like our barn cat Darthea if I could choose to be anybody.