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Benjamin Franklin probably wasn’t referring to best practices in animal husbandry when he shared this cautionary message, but planning and prevention should be a priority in the long term care of all our feathered and furry friends.

For instance, did you know… With a little advanced planning and preparation, chicks can easily be raised organic from day one without the use of medicated feed reducing the risk of exposure to parasites and disease? It’s true!

With a bit of research and a tad of extra effort, the process of setting up a proper brooder, building a coop to fit the size of your growing flock, and committing to a little extra time each day in the care and raising of organic chicks is (in our opinion) worth it.

This type of effort may not work for everyone. We all must prioritize obligations to family, community, and career. But if you’re ready to make a conscientious choice to feed your animals right from the get-go, the benefits are long term, and your peeps will thank you.

And Now A Word From An Influencer

Today, we’re sharing some cluckin’ good news from Scratch and Peck Feeds influencer, Ann Accetta-Scott. Ann is best known through her personal brand A Farm Girl In the Making and by way of her many contributions to Homesteaders of America. Living the dream of many who aspire to be backyard farmers or truly surviving off the land through homesteading, Ann is a proponent of making lifestyle choices through sustainable best practices. Her expertise is in growing and harvesting what we eat and encouraging and mentoring farming folk who align with these values.

Ann Accetta-Scott A Farm Girl In The Making

Ann Accetta-Scott A Farm Girl In The Making

In her latest blog “Prevent Coccidiosis Naturally in Chick Brooders“, Ann shares some practical knowledge on setting up a brooder, identifying and treating disease, and proven preventative methodologies for raising healthy, happy flocks.

There are various strains of coccidiosis. An extremely clean brooder minimizes the opportunity of exposing chicks to these milder strains. A super clean brooder takes away the opportunity to build the immune system.

Ann further outlines proven methodologies for assuring your chicks transition safely from brooder to coop providing us with tips on building a strong holistic regiment that will not only be good for your chickens, but your entire family!

Learn more about Ann, her many projects, and get some good advice on livestock and animal husbandry.

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