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What’s the Difference Between 16% and 18% Protein Layer Feeds

2019-01-10T06:39:11+00:00Chicken care, Feed information, Poultry Feed|0 Comments

Throughout the lifetime of your chickens, their dietary needs will change. When they’re little and still developing, they need a high protein feed that supports their rapid growth and developing feathers. As development slows and your chicks grow into pullets (chickens that haven’t reached laying age), their protein requirement decreases. Once laying age is reached, ...

Ho-Ho-Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway 2018!

2018-12-19T09:36:03+00:00Chicken care, Merchandise, Supplements|76 Comments

Tis the season of festivities, copious amounts of food, and gifts given and received. To help with your gift giving (and perhaps receiving), we present our annual Holiday Gift Giving Guide and Giveaway! For the young chicken lovers there's Let’s Hatch Chicks! by Fresh Eggs Daily superstar, Lisa Steele. Let’s Hatch Chicks! tells the story of ...

Ambassador Spotlight: Kelly Uusilato

2018-11-01T10:21:50+00:00Brand Ambassador|0 Comments

Give us your elevator pitch on who you are and what you enjoy. My name is Kelly and I have a small organic farm where I grow produce to feed and nourish our local community. I also love spending time each day watching my backyard chicken “television.” What are your favorite feed stores in your ...

Molting: A Feather Facelift for Your Chickens

2018-10-22T14:24:30+00:00Chicken care, Natural Remedies, Supplements, Tips and Tricks|3 Comments

Have you had that moment when you walk out to your coop one morning and feathers are strewn about? Your heart begins racing, you start looking for the devastation of an attack, but you realize that all your hens are fine and dandy, though one of them looks a little, um, less plump with plumage. ...

Ambassador Spotlight: Joan Hurst

2018-10-10T08:51:36+00:00Brand Ambassador, Farms and Suppliers|0 Comments

Give us your elevator pitch on who you are and what you enjoy. I am a retired letter carrier from California who, with my partner Terry Gentry, purchased 20 acres in McCleary, Washington in 2005. We wanted to use our land in a sustainable fashion, so I took a WSU Extension class and discovered that ...