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A Peck of Prevention for Salmonella

2018-08-14T08:01:53+00:00Chicken care, Natural Remedies, Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

Chickens are lovable. They’re therapeutic. They’re hilarious. Plus they provide us with delicious eggs (fr-hens with benefits!) But as wonderful as chickens are, they risk carrying salmonella, and therefore we must take precautions when handling our hens and their coops. Salmonella is one of the most common causes of food poisoning in the United States. ...

Why We Leave Oyster Shell Out of Our Feeds

2018-07-26T11:30:38+00:00Chicken care, Supplements|0 Comments

When a hen is laying, she needs a higher level of calcium in order for her body to produce eggs with strong shells. However, providing a higher quantity of calcium equally among the flock during laying season may lead to problems if all your chickens aren’t laying. That is why we believe it is better ...

Feeding a Mixed Flock

2018-07-05T08:09:02+00:00Chicken care, Feed information, Poultry Feed|1 Comment

Your flock — all lovely ladies of laying age. But then chicken math gets the best of you and you find yourself with chicks, which grow into pullets, and wait, did one of those pullets just crow? Now you’ve found yourself with chickens of different ages, plus a rooster, and a flock with differing nutritional ...

Your Mini Pigs Deserve Grand Feasts!

2018-06-20T16:09:19+00:00Feed information|0 Comments

Mini pigs are known by many names, including Teacup, Nano, Micro, and Pixie. They are unique, beloved members of the swine family, and mini pig owners who have opened their homes and hearts to them are looking for a healthy organic option to sustain the life and vitality of their pets. The small stature of ...

Lennon’s Putting on Happy Weight

2018-05-30T08:51:40+00:00Chicken care, Grow with Us, News and Updates|3 Comments

When we adopted Lennon the Rescue Rooster from Pasado's Safe Haven, they let us know that he needed some extra care due to his condition when he first arrived at the animal sanctuary. When Lennon first showed up, he had a broken beak. Now, as Lennon's beak grows, it does so in a way that ...

Get Ready for Organic Coop Confetti

2018-06-12T07:49:38+00:00Chicken care, Natural Remedies, Organic, Tips and Tricks|5 Comments

Because of our shared vision for healthier food and well cared for animals, we have partnered with Lisa Steele, the chicken expert behind Fresh Eggs Daily, to bring you (and your hens!) Organic Coop Confetti: Aromatic Nesting Herbs for Hens. The organic flowers have been used by Lisa for years, and we're thrilled to soon ...