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Feed & Fines – Maximizing Value with Fermented Feed!

2017-09-19T13:20:21+00:00 Chicken care, How To, Poultry Feed, Tips and Tricks|67 Comments

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is, “Why are there all these fines in your feed and how do I get my chickens to eat it?” This question is important as it identifies one of our core philosophies as a company; we believe that a raw, whole grain feed is nutritionally superior ...

Sprouting – For Feed and Fun!

2018-05-29T13:02:48+00:00 Chicken care, How To, News and Updates, Poultry Feed, Supplements, Tips and Tricks|8 Comments

Each fall as the weather gets colder, free range opportunities become limited and the availability of fresh greens decreases. For domesticated livestock, this time of year means becoming more and more dependent on grain-based prepared feeds. Not only does the overall cost of caring for animals increase over the winter, but many plant sourced nutrients ...

Dining Decisions – What’s on your plate?

2017-09-19T14:43:57+00:00 News and Updates, Non-GMO Project Verified|0 Comments

Driving through the countryside, afternoon sunlight ripples golden across the fields as they sway in a warm summer breeze. ‘Sweet Corn’, ‘Wheat’, ‘Barley’ – roadside signs identifying each crop pass by, blending into the background. In the distance, tractors plow, cows graze, and workers in hazmat suits walk row by row systematically spraying each field. ...

Healthy Hens Love Cluckin’ Good Organic Herbs

2018-03-15T11:00:19+00:00 Chicken care, Poultry Feed, Supplements, Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

Cluckin' Good Organic Herbs When it comes to a healthy diet, balance is everything! Just like humans, the dietary requirements for poultry include everything from nutrient dense greens to proteins, from carbohydrates to calcium. For proper nutrition, it’s true what they say - variety is the spice of life! Whether a bird is ...

Scratch and Peck Feeds Wins $100,000 Grant

2017-09-19T14:44:08+00:00 Awards and nominations, News and Updates|0 Comments

Bellingham, WA—Scratch and Peck Feeds has been selected as one of the 2015 recipients of a $100,000 Mission Main Street Grant from Chase. Awarded to 20 small businesses from among a record 35,000 applicants throughout the United States, Scratch and Peck Feeds is the first Mission Main Street Grant recipient located in Washington State since ...

Protein vs. Carbohydrates: When, Why and How

2018-03-22T07:07:38+00:00 Chicken care, Poultry Feed, Supplements, Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

With the wide variety of options to choose from, it is no wonder purchasing animal feed can be confusing. Not only are there a range of age specific feeds, but within each type there are choices offered with different ingredients, whole grains or pellets, and other factors based on varying consumer needs. While many selections ...