Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Dalia Monterroso

Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Dalia Monterroso


Photo Credit: Rick Dahms

Give us your elevator pitch on who you are and what you enjoy.

My name is Dalia, but you may know me as The President of Chickenlandia. What I enjoy most is spreading a message of peace through humankind’s most amazing common denominator: the chicken.

What is your favorite feed store in your area?

I love Downtown Bellingham’s Hohl Feed and Seed. It’s the best!

What animals do you have and how many of each?

Hmmm… according to my chickenmath calculations I only have about three or four chickens, but let’s just say I have enough (are my neighbors reading this?) I also have two ducks and four little dogs!

Tell us a little bit about what Welcome to Chickenlandia is and how you came to become President of it.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you I wasn’t democratically elected. I’m positive that my chickens would have voted for me, if, you know, they had thumbs and stuff.

Chickenlandia used to be a physical location back when I was co-owner of a farm store, but it has become so much more than that. As a child of immigrants who grew up between worlds, I often felt like I didn’t quite fit in anywhere. I’m sure most people feel this way at one point or another in their lives. When I got chickens and sat among them for the first time, I was so surprised at the peace and belonging I felt. I realized people all over the world feel this peace, no matter who they are or how they may seem different from me. That’s when I realized I would always belong in Chickenlandia, and why I refer to it as the place where everyone belongs.welcome-to-chickenlandia

What do you love about Scratch and Peck Feeds?

I just love the whole culture of Scratch and Pecks Feeds. I love how conscious they are about how they source their products. I love how they treat their workers. I love that my chickens thrive when I used their products. And I love their t-shirts.

Lastly, if you could be a chicken, which type of chicken would you be?

Oh, honey. I would be a Showgirl through and through.


  1. Cecile Jordan September 6, 2018 at 3:47 am - Reply

    The peace you feel with chickens. How true.

  2. Dicla September 6, 2018 at 5:55 am - Reply

    I love the president of chickenlandia because she made me queen!
    I don’t have any chickens but if I did, I would feed them scratch and peck!

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