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Feed Is Our Craft

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If you plant a garden every year, you know that no two seasons are alike, that no two plants are alike, that not even two vegetables from the same plant are alike. Even when we are meticulous in our methods of rotating the soil, planting the seeds, watering and tending to the plants, the harvest ...

10 Things Learned from Our Farmers

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Throughout the years, Diana has taken away a multitude of wisdom from her conversations with farmers, and learns more every time she meets with one. As a company essentially built on agriculture, we wanted to know what her top takeaways have been from farmers. So, in perfect Diana style, she was happy to rattle off the Top 10 Things Learned from Our Farmers, in her own words. Enjoy!

Why We Believe in Animal Welfare Approved

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All decisions made at Scratch and Peck are with the passion of improving the planet and the lives of our fellow living creatures. One of the ways we demonstrate that commitment is through third party certifications. Among our numerous certifications that we have achieved is that our products are Animal Welfare Approved. Animal Welfare Approved ...

Foothills Farms: Feed Fermenting Fiends!

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Our fermentation and pastured poultry systems have become such a valuable asset to Foothills Farm. We have experienced gains in overall animal health, soil fertility, vegetable quality, and profitability, just to name a few.Pastured feed fermentation can be a key pillar for the farmer or rancher that is interested in implementing or improving regenerative methods ...

The Good, the Bad, and the Glyphosate

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It’s no secret that we are exposed to an unknown combination of chemicals every day through the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the products we use. Did you know that chemicals also sneak into the food we eat? If you have tuned into the clean food movement, chances are you’ve heard of ...