Evolution Of A Flock: From Brooder to Aging Chickens

Through the years. You've set up your brooder, selected your favorite variety of chicks (ducklings, or poults), and now you're wondering what's next? If you're just getting started with your first flock of chickens, you may encounter a few unexpected challenges. Issues like integrating new chicks to an existing flock, [...]

Make Good Choices For Your Chicks: Start With The Label

You've set up your brooder, selected your favorite variety of chicks (ducklings, or poults), and now you're wondering with so many options in feed, which one is the best for their longterm health and well-being. From the start... You've come to the right place! Like big boxes of cereal, there [...]

“An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound of Cure”

Before You Bring Your Chicks Home Benjamin Franklin probably wasn't referring to best practices in animal husbandry when he shared this cautionary message, but planning and prevention should be a priority in the long term care of all our feathered and furry friends. For instance, did you know... With a [...]

Gardening: Fresh Veggies for You and Your Chickens

Even chickens love the kale craze! While you’re tending to your organic garden, and reaping all the rewards that come from it, keep your chickens in mind. As you revel in homemade pesto from your fresh basil or a delicious pasta sauce from your homegrown tomatoes, remember that [...]

No Dirty Birds — Go Organic from Day 1

Last month, a farmer in Oregon who uses our poultry feed for his meat birds contacted us to tell us a quick story. He had recently taken his birds to be processed. When the processor looked at the birds, he asked, “What do you feed your birds?” The farmer said, [...]

Foothills Farms: Feed Fermenting Fiends!

Our fermentation and pastured poultry systems have become such a valuable asset to Foothills Farm. We have experienced gains in overall animal health, soil fertility, vegetable quality, and profitability, just to name a few. Pastured feed fermentation can be a key pillar for the farmer or rancher that is interested [...]

Taking Local to a New Level with Our New Facility

The wide open space allows room for driving the forklifts safely through the warehouse. Located just down the road from our original location in Bellingham, WA, we've now found a new home for our growing business in Burlington, WA. This comes after a three-year search for the perfect [...]

Hatching Education from Day 1

This spring we have partnered with Mother Earth News to bring attention to how to hatch your own eggs into tiny fluff balls of delight. We started the season with Organic from Day 1 – a campaign about feeding baby chicks and ducklings organic, non-medicated feed from the beginning to [...]

Feed ’em Organic from Day 1

Most people generally accept that they have the option to choose organic when it comes to the food on their table. In fact, as more people seek authenticity and trust in the food they buy for their families, sales of organic products continue to grow year-over-year.  Similarly, the trend for [...]

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