Chicken Doo-Doo Driving You Cuckoo? Try DooKashi.

Chicken Doo-Doo Driving You Cuckoo? Try DooKashi.

Dookashi Coop DeodorizerWe love DooKashi. Never did we think that we would be so enamored by a company whose focus is eliminating animal poo odors, but what can we say, they’re doing it right! It’s why we’re so excited to now offer their DooKashi Poultry Brooder & Coop Deodorizer through our website.

This awesome deodorizer will rid your coop of funky odors without the use of funky chemicals. It reduces the noxious smell of ammonia, protects your bird’s respiratory system, reduces dirt and waste build up, and increases the composting process for chicken manure. Sprinkle the oat-like mixture around the coop and cover with fresh bedding, repeat every few days, and the DooKashi Deodorizer will go to town breaking down the waste and making your coop noticeably less fragrant.

Not only do we give the Scratch and Peck Stamp of Approval to their products, but we give it to the whole company as well! Besides a shared love of chickens, DooKashi is also a big proponent of animal care through natural, environmentally friendly remedies. Their all natural Coop Deodorizer consists of only 4 ingredients: wheat bran, backstrap molasses, water, and Organic Matter Review Institute listed probiotic. And did you know they are Washingtonians as well! You know how we feel about supporting our neighbors, so naturally this Kirkland-based company made a dream team partnership for us. They have even earned Non-GMO Project Verification for their product line!

DooKashi Poultry Odor EliminatorI’m sure you have noticed that pungent, eye-watering smell wafting from your coop? That is the handy work of ammonia. Ammonia exists in the world in many forms—in household cleaners, agricultural fertilizers, plastic manufacturing, and in the breakdown of your precious flock’s droppings. Other than the generally unpleasant smell it creates in your coop, is it really something you need to worry about? Absolutely, you do! Ammonia at high concentrations is irritating to your bird’s respiratory system and eyes. The damage from ammonia exposure can increase the likelihood of bacterial respiratory infection, as well as negatively impact overall livability and weight gain. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health have set maximum ammonia levels for poultry houses at 25 ppm. The human nose typically can smell ammonia at 20-30 ppm, so when you catch that nasty odor it is time to act!

So in short, coop cleanliness is essentially to the health and productivity of your flock. Regular cleanings and DooKashi Poultry Brooder & Coop Deodorizer will help make certain your girls and your nose are happy and healthy!

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