Chicken Trivia Answers

Chicken Trivia Answers 2017-07-31T15:31:18+00:00

Chicken PeopleHey! You actually came to check your answers from our Chicken Trivia at the Pickford Film Center’s showing of “Chicken People”. Wasn’t that documentary great? Isn’t the Pickford great? We certainly think so.

Here are the answers to the questions:

1.) What can you give your chickens to help them grow feathers after molting?        Garlic            Grubs            Oyster shell

The answer is grubs. Grubs contain protein, which is contained in chicken feathers. When chickens begin molting, the protein from their bodies goes into regrowing feathers, rather than into their eggs (it’s why chicken laying slows down or stops during molting time). Are your chickens molting? Give them some Cluckin’ Good Grubs to help keep their protein levels healthy. These grubs are sustainably-raised on traceable pre-consumer foods, such as veggies, fruit and grains that would otherwise go to waste. These foods are collected from surrounding restaurants and bakeries in the Pacific Northwest, which is pretty darn cool.

2.) What don’t chickens have that makes it difficult for them to break down food?     Teeth             Gizzard         Intestine

The answer is teeth. Isn’t that weird? Nature is weird. And wonderful! But that’s why chickens need access to grit. The grit helps break down foods in their gizzards to help them digest all the necessary nutrients. But not all grit is created equal. Chicks need smaller grit than laying hens (yes, makes sense, right?) We have three types of grit: Starter, Grower and Layer. Make sure you’re feeding your chickens the right feeds and supplements at the right ages. They deserve the love.

So? How did you do?

Thanks for playing, for supporting our amazing Pickford Film Center, and for being chicken lovers! Congrats to the trivia winners. Enjoy your Scratch and Peck prizes!