Choose more than just a treat with Cluckin’ Good Grubs

Choose more than just a treat with Cluckin’ Good Grubs


Every pet owner likes to provide treats for their animals – chicken keepers are no exception!

Many backyard flock owners love to provide their birds with dried mealworms. While they may be a great source of protein, most mealworms found on the market are sourced from China with very little oversight as to what and how they are fed. Industrialized production has often led to mealworms being fed synthetic gels or low nutrient pellets. Though these food sources may sustain the insects, we can’t imagine that it would create a truly healthy treat. Some mealworms have even tested positive for heavy metal contamination!

While we have wanted to source an insect-based poultry treat for quite a while, it goes against our “You are what your animals eat” motto to provide a product we just could not stand behind. Our quest for quality ended with the creation of Cluckin’ Good Grubs!

Animal Welfare ApprovedGrown in the Pacific Northwest and raised on traceable pre-consumer waste fruits, vegetables and grains that might otherwise go to a landfill, Cluckin’ Good Grubs were the answer to our sustainability and sourcing search. Consisting only of dried Black Soldier Fly larvae, you can rest assured that you are only choosing the best for your birds.

By feeding your flock Cluckin’ Good Grubs, you will know they are receiving a nutritious treat high in protein, calcium and Omega-3s. The grubs can benefit all members of your flock as it may help to reduce feather picking behaviors and provide entertainment as they ‘scratch and peck’ searching for more!

Grubs can be fed by hand or scattered on the ground to get the flock to come a runnin’. Not only do chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese love these them, but we’ve heard even reptiles and other insectivore animals want them too!

Cluckin' Good GrubsKeep in mind, Cluckin’ Good Grubs should only be used as a treat in conjunction with the appropriate balanced feed for the age of bird. While you should always make sure to provide plenty of fresh water for your flock, it is especially important when feeding Cluckin’ Good Grubs as the chickens’ bodies will need to rehydrate the worms for proper digestion.

If you’re looking to treat your birds, what better than to provide them with a high quality nutritious snack you know they’ll love?

Use of this product is compliant with the Animal Welfare Approved program when used in accordance with the AWA standards.

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