To Be Naturally Free or Not to Be: It Comes Down to Corn

To Be Naturally Free or Not to Be: It Comes Down to Corn

People always ask us, “What’s the deal with having two poultry feed product lines?”

The answer comes down to one ingredient – corn. All products at Scratch and Peck Feeds are Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and soy free. So why offer a Organic Layer with Corn and a line of feeds without corn (Naturally Free)?

Organic Cracked CornCorn is a high calorie grain which is a wonderful addition to fall and winter diets to help support increased energy output when poultry are working harder to stay warm. During the summer, higher calories are not as necessary due to warmer temperatures and a greater abundance of natural food sources including insects and vegetation. Chicken keepers may choose to keep their flocks on a corn free diet all year around for several reasons. Similar to soy, those with allergies to corn may still find sensitivities to eggs or meat from poultry fed corn-based diets. Others may have concerns about GMO contamination in corn sources – If you find this is the case; please know that all corn we use has been tested in accredited laboratories to verify that it is non-GMO before it is ever brought into our facility!

There are a variety of choices when integrating corn into a flock’s diet. Two options would be using the Organic Layer with Corn or providing Cluckin’ Good Organic Scratch n’ Corn as a supplemental treat for additional calories. Some customers may even prefer to just purchase Organic Whole or Cracked Corn to be provided as a treat in the evenings. Keep in mind that the Organic Scratch n’ Corn and Organic Whole or Cracked Corn products do not provide a balanced diet and are intended to be used as treats only in addition to using a balanced feed to provide proper nutritional needs.


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