Clean Feed Resolution

Clean Feed Resolution2017-12-11T09:49:07+00:00

Organic Chicken FeedThe food chain is intricate, from start to finish. Think of the organic bread on your table — it begins as a seed that requires clean soil, air, and water to grow, then it is sustainably harvested and milled before being mixed with other wholesome ingredients and baked into the loaf that your family enjoys. Our food has a long history even before it makes it to our plates. However, each and every one of us can help shape how that food is grown and raised, starting from day one.

Organic from Day 1At Scratch and Peck Feeds, we celebrate the movement toward organic agriculture and clean food that more people are embracing. We support these endeavors with our Organic from Day 1 program, and look for opportunities to foster that momentum. Our yearly resolution is to increase our outreach efforts about the importance of going organic from the start – from the start of your day, from the start of your grocery list, or from the start of your food chain with organic animal feed. We believe that is how we can best contribute to the type of food system we want in our world, one that helps achieve our mission – Make honest, wholesome organic animal feed products with the most heartfelt regard for our planet and fellow living creatures.

Wherever it makes sense for you, we hope you join us. It’s a goal we’re passionate and excited about, and we’re putting out the rally cry to our loyal retailers and customers to join us in our endeavor.

  • Tell us about upcoming community events related to homesteading or the sustainable food movement. If you think they are aligned with our resolution, email us at so we can explore how to contribute to them.
  • Commit to purchasing one more organic food item in your home, and one less conventional item. Better yet, if you can make it or grow it yourself, go for it!
  • Resolve to educate a friend about the importance of an organic food system. Don’t feel equipped to have a conversation like that? The Organic Center has easy-to-understand resources and fact sheets that remind us how simple and beneficial going organic is.