You’ve done it. You took the plunge. You committed to the fluff. Welcome to the club! You’ll soon become quite familiar with fluffy butt Fridays and spoiled chicken Sundays. But first, we focus on basics. Chicken keeping can become quite overwhelming so we’re here with two simple feed solutions. You can choose between Organic Starter Mash (a special blend of cracked grains, flax meal, select vitamins and minerals sourced from North American farms) or Organic Starter Crumbles (a special blend of organic cracked grains, flax meal, grub protein, vitamins and minerals pressed into crumble format).

So really, you can’t go wrong with either. But just like humans, birds can be picky eaters and prefer one over the other. There’s some different indicators that can help you decide which will be best for your flock. Follow this flow chart to decide!

Ok, what was your answer? Ready to shop? Click Here for Crumbles and Click Here for Mash