Gratitude is Contagious

Gratitude is Contagious

Scratch and Peck FeedsWhen happy customers get in touch with us, we’re reminded to slow down and appreciate life a little more. The gratitude is shared throughout the company when we learn that we’ve made someone’s day. Kind words go the distance, whether it’s in the workplace or our lives outside of work. Thank you to everyone who has shared comments about our feeds, treats, supplements, customer service, and our entire approach to doing business. Even critique and criticism helps guide our way to making the best animal feed on the market.

We’d like to take some time to express our gratitude to all of you and share some of the wonderful words we’ve received from customers. Thanks for keeping us on track and for sharing our passion for clean, quality feed!

~ The entire flock at Scratch and Peck Feeds ~

From Facebook:

“Love this stuff and my chickens do too! I’d been making my own homemade whole organic feed for nearly two years and the cost was a little more overall and a whole lot more work. I was pleased to recognize nearly all my ingredients I was already using prior in your feed! Love the free shipping on every order and the dried soldier fly larvae; my chickens had only had mealworms before, but they especially love these too. Thanks, Scratch and Peck!” – Summer W.

“We have been commercially growing poultry for two years now and have used no other feed but Scratch and Peck. Our customers swear they are the most delicious organic eggs they have ever eaten and appreciate a premium food … The customer service is top notch. All friendly and helpful.” – Smithshyre Farm

“We absolutely love Scratch and Peck; our pigs and chickens won’t eat any other feed!!!!” – Miryam

From Amazon:

“My chickens love this stuff. I don’t offer it to them free choice. Instead I ferment it and give it to them that way as a treat every day!!!!” – Connie

“This is the brand of food I’ve fed my girls from the beginning – from their chick feed, to grower feed, to this layer feed. I’m very conscious of what I put into my body, and therefore I’m super vigilant about what my chickens eat. I trust this feed and have never been disappointed in the consistently high quality over the dozens of bags that I have gone through in the 4+ years I’ve kept chickens (and my chickens haven’t been disappointed either!).” – Zoey

“I use this feed for my egg laying ducks. I have found that their feed changes the flavor of the eggs. My ducks love this feed and I get lots of delicious eggs as a result!” – Amazon reviewer


“After a lot of research on the different products available, Scratch & Peck was a no brainer. The ingredients, the nutrition … everything is awesome, plus our chickens LOVE IT!!! We use both the starter and the grower, and we have healthy, happy, active chickens. Thank you, S & P!” – coleyobri3n

“I admit I was skeptical about this feed (Naturally Free Layer) and the much higher price than my normal pellet feed. I have 2 grandsons with many food allergies and they definitely can’t eat anything with all the soy and corn found in the pellets so I decided to give it a try. When it arrived and I opened the bags I was surprised to see the feed looked like what I remember from feeding our chickens as a kid. It smelled good and looked good enough to eat myself.” – trainpainter

Our hearts are full and we thank all of our loyal customers for believing in honest food for animals.
May your day be a bit brighter too!

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