Scratch and Peck Feeds Grow with UsWe’re going to let you in on a little secret about food. You ready? Everyone can grow it. Yes, even you. We’ll let that sink in for a moment. It’s true! Think about it: When you collect an egg from one of your chickens, you’ve grown food. Now, we know your chicken laid the egg, but your care and vigilance helped her. Just like your care and vigilance can help a plant produce beautiful, sweet, warmed-by-the-sun tomatoes or cool, crisp, perfect on a hot day cucumber. We can all grow food. Isn’t that amazing?

That’s why we’re kicking off another season of Grow with Us, when we at Scratch and Peck take advantage of the growing season to grow more of our own nutritious food (with the added perk of saving on our grocery bill). And as part of our community, we want you to do the same so we can share our stories, successes, and learnings with each other.

Grow with Us Scratch and Peck Feeds

This year we’ve decided to dedicate our worksite raised beds to ingredients grown with recipes in mind, specifically salsa and pesto. We’ll be growing tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, and cilantro for salsa and basil, parsley, and garlic for pesto. We’re also going to try our hands at strawberries and eggplants because, why not? They both grow in our Pacific Northwest climate so we’re going to have fun seeing what we can do.

We’ll of course be showcasing our laying hens and the beautiful eggs they lay. Have you ever taken a couple moments to truly revel in the eggs that your chickens lay and how much nourishment and joy they bring? Let’s pause to revel …. Astounding, isn’t it? Yet, so simple.

Be on the lookout for our pics and updates with the tag #growwithscratchandpeck, and use that tag to show off your home grown goods too. Eggs, herbs, vegetables, fruit, it doesn’t matter. Share it all! Having eggs at our fingertips is a reason many of us got into chicken keeping. Consequently, many of us have felt empowered and connected in ways we hadn’t anticipated. Let’s see what other wonderful ways growing our own food impacts us and the community around us. We can all grow food. Yes, even you.

Follow #growwithscratchandpeck on Instagram to see our Grow with Us. Share your proud food growin’ moments with that hashtag too!