Grow with Us: Giveaway Time!

Grow with Us: Giveaway Time!

Grow with Us continues to be an adventure, where every day feels like a world of potential. That hint of a sprout popping up through the soil, the leaves that continue to grow toward the light while the stems become stronger and stronger. It really is magical to see.

We moved some of our starts out to our raised beds and are like proud parents checking in on our baby plants to see how they’re growing. Snap peas, rainbow carrots, swiss chard, lettuce, cucumbers, and more have made their way to the raised beds, and some of those plants have made their way to our gardens at home too. Turns out a few seeds go a long way, so we will end up with a MUCH bigger harvest than initially intended. Hey, Grow with Us is a learning process, right?

Matt C.’s flock of eight (yes, eight!) chicks are now entering their awkward teenage years, where they look gangling and confused, but no less adorable. His daughter, Summer, is learning so much about taking care of chickens, and has been working on getting them used to her and training them to come to her when she calls.

There continues to be wins (we have a tomato jungle!) and losses (Lindsey’s poor bean plants are no match for whatever pests keep chewing up the leaves), but that’s exactly what Grow with Us is about. Gardening is imperfect — sometimes Mother Nature has final say. But we’re having fun and can’t wait to see which veggies we get to eat first.

Grow with Us

Happy seedlings!

Grow with Scratch and Peck

Raised beds by our mill

Grow with Scratch and Peck

Transplanting starts

Grow with Scratch and Peck Matt's daughter feeding chicks

Matt C.’s little peepers

Grow with Us

Matt C.’s chicks

Grow with Us

A kale ball for Selena’s chickens

Grow with Scratch and Peck

Lettuce starts in Lindsey’s garden

Grow with Scratch and Peck

Poor little chewed up bean plant

Now, how about a Cluckin’ Good Giveaway?

Share a pic on Facebook or Instagram with the tag #growwithscratchandpeck, and show us how you’re growing your own food —  freshly laid eggs, happy hens in your yard, basil on your kitchen windowsill, your vegetable garden — every bit counts! When you post a pic on Facebook or Instagram with the tag #growwithscratchandpeck, we’ll enter you into a drawing to win 10 seed packets from the incredible Uprising Seeds! They are a small family farm in the Pacific Northwest, and they were Washington State’s first Certified Organic seed company. Needless to say, we love them, and are so grateful that they have kindly donated seeds to encourage growing your own food. Look them up, see what they do, and support this amazing company.

But first, post your pic with #growwithscratchandpeck by Monday, May 21 for the chance to win a variety of vegetable and flower seeds from Uprising Seeds (no, the fresh lettuce isn’t included):

Uprising Seeds


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  1. Susan Greenall May 17, 2018 at 5:40 am - Reply

    Your products are beyond superior. I order the non-gmo corn and soy free. The chicks can’t get enough of it. And, they give me GREAT eggs.

  2. Susan Greenall May 17, 2018 at 9:19 am - Reply

    This is so exciting!

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