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Scratch and Peck Feeds Grow with UsWhether it’s gathering eggs from our backyard chickens or picking leaves from a basil plant on our kitchen windowsill, growing our own food is empowering. It creates a deeper connection to what we eat, helps us connect the dots of our food system, and builds community by being able to share food with family and friends. Food has less distance to travel (from your yard to your kitchen) and you can trust exactly what went into growing it.

That is why we’re asking you to Grow with Us — to challenge ourselves to tap into the inner gardener in each of us. In doing so, we hope to have a better sense of health (fresh veggies, herbs, and fruit!), of purpose (“I grew that!”), of connection to nature (playing in the dirt!), and connection to others (because giving others food from your own garden is awesome!) We stand behind our vision of organic, whole foods on every table, and that begins on our own table.

Scratch and Peck Feeds Grow with Us

Our Sales Account Manager, Leanne’s, home garden (click to enlarge)

How Scratch and Peck is participating:

  • Lindsey and Leanne are expanding their home gardens
  • Mariah is tending to an herb garden that has been needing some extra love
  • Caroline is integrating more food into her front yard
  • Matt M. is expanding his animal count on his 5-acre farm
  • Matt C. is starting a garden with his little girl
  • Ryan and his wife are growing herbs on their kitchen windowsill (along with help from their three little boys!)
  • And … we are starting seeds at Scratch and Peck that will be transplanted in our new raised beds outside the mill! Our seeds have come from one of our favorite seed companies, Uprising Seeds, who are just up the road from us!
  • We will be photographically documenting each of our journeys (successes and failures) and sharing them with you in our newsletter, and on Facebook and Instagram. Follow #growwithscratchandpeck to see the progress of our adventures!

Grow with Us! Here are some ways to participate with us:

  • Start a garden or put more love into a revived annual garden
  • Grow herbs on a windowsill or porch
  • Start a garden or windowsill herbs with your kiddos! Let them take the lead on choosing seeds, planting, and watering
  • We’d love for you to share your gardening journey with us by posting photographs on our Facebook and Instagram pages or posting on your own social media and tagging us. Use #growwithscratchandpeck so we can follow your adventures! You can also email with photos and your own gardening tales — we want to see your progress!

Scratch and Peck Feeds Grow with Us

This is the garden of our Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Lindsey. Soon the straw will be removed and it will become a garden of champions!

When is this happening?

Now! We’ve planted our seeds and we are mapping out our full gardens at home and at the mill so we’re ready to plant when the starts are hearty.

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