Grub Club Promotion Terms

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Cluckin Good Grub Club

Join the Grub Club Promotion from Scratch and Peck Feeds!

Cluckin' Good Grubs

Cluckin’ Good customers will love this promotion. Akin to a coffee card for chickens, your customers will enjoy a FREE bag of Cluckin’ Good Grubs once they’ve purchased 6 bags previously. And your store only pays for half the freebie product!

How it works:

  • Sign up for this promotion by approving the terms below.
  • Your account will be noted as a participant and a Grub Club Kit will be sent to your store.
  • Customers show their Grub Club card every time they purchase grubs from your store, and the cashier marks the card with the stamp provided in the kit. This promotion is available for either the 3.5 lbs size or the 20 oz size of Cluckin’ Good Grubs – the same size purchased 6 times is the size given free.
  • Customers turn in their filled cards to your store and take home a free grubs of the same size purchased.
  • Your store mails the filled cards to the Scratch and Peck office.
  • Once filled cards are received, your account will be credited 50% of the free product given.


Grub Club Retailer Terms

  • Retailer Terms of Conditions for Grub Club Promotion