Hatching Education from Day 1

Hatching Education from Day 1

Mother Earth NewsThis spring we have partnered with Mother Earth News to bring attention to how to hatch your own eggs into tiny fluff balls of delight. We started the season with Organic from Day 1 – a campaign about feeding baby chicks and ducklings organic, non-medicated feed from the beginning to ensure optimal health for your animals and your family.

We recognize that many folks start their baby bird adventures inside their local feed stores, where peeping noises fill the heat-bulb-warmed air and the urge to fill your arms with chicks and ducklings is both unexpected and uncontrollable. “Day 1” is usually the day you bring home your babies and either integrate them into your current flock or coax them into your new life of chicken-raising antics.

Scratch and Peck Feeds with ChicksHowever, many folks want the experience of hatching their own, and we were thrilled to learn that an educational opportunity existed with Mother Earth News – a highly respected media known for their wealth of how-to videos, informative articles, and insightful and authentic approach to DIY. When they asked us if we wanted to join their hatching project, we whole-heartedly jumped in and supplied all the feed, treats, and supplements their hatching chicks will need for the next few months.

Scratch and Peck Feeds’ commitment to DIY education is strong. In fact, that commitment started the day our owner decided to raise her own flock. She didn’t know at the time that she was cracking an egg to a growing movement – getting back to our ancestral roots of growing wholesome food, supporting restorative farming practices, and ensuring quality care of the animals that share this world with us.

We hope you were able to join the fun of the live stream video of hatching babies, will engage in the conversation threads on our Facebook Live interview with them, and read the insightful articles from Mother Earth News. If you haven’t already done so in your own backyard, watch what it looks like to feed ‘em organic from day 1!

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