The grain silos are made by SCAFCO, a Spokane-based grain storage and handling manufacturer.

This year, we are making our move to a bigger facility in Burlington, WA that will allow us to meet the growing demand for clean, whole grain feeds. Even though this expansion will require new and bigger equipment, we continue to hold true to our values of supporting local economies and buying goods manufactured in the United States.

“Using equipment that is made in the USA is a priority to us,” said Diana Ambauen-Meade, our Founder and President. “It aligns with our values concerning sourcing and buying goods manufactured in the United States because it supports jobs in America and helps build a strong job economy.”

When we decided we needed to expand to keep up with the demand for organic, non-GMO animal feeds, Bryon Meade, our Owner and Chief Operating Officer, began forging relationships with American manufacturers, even before we had a new location chosen.

The Roller Mill at our new facility will grind grains and other ingredients for the feeds. It produces less dust in the environment than older equipment.

“Bryon wanted to ensure that the new facility had not only state of the art equipment that streamlined operations, but that also eased physical stress on mill employees, so he began meeting with manufacturers who made the type of equipment that would fit both needs,” said Diana. “Much of the equipment is custom designed and built right here in Washington State.”

We’ve always held true to our value of sourcing products and ingredients as close to our mill as possible by forming relationships with the regional organic farmers who grow our grains. We’re excited to be able to continue that focus with the partnerships they have formed with United States equipment manufacturers.

“The demand for organic, non-GMO feed, especially chicken feed, has grown exponentially since we began in 2010,” Ambauen-Meade said. “Being able to stay true to our roots, even as we grow and expand, is something that will remain a core part of what we do at Scratch and Peck.”