Soy Free vs. Naturally Free

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Soy Free vs. Naturally Free


True to Nature: Soy Free Non-GMO Scratch and Peck Feeds

We make certain that every bag of our feed is made with Organic, Non-GMO ingredients and are always 100% Soy Free. People who buy our feeds know that the decisions they make every day have an effect on the world around them and want to be sure they choose wisely. Feeding with our Organic, Non-GMO, soy free products is good for your animals, good for you and good for the planet.

Soy Free Why Soy Free?

Soy has been shown by recent studies to have adverse effects on our health, from allergies to more serious consequences, and it’s one of the top crops in the US grown with GMO strains. The widespread use of GMO soy has made it incredibly difficult to find soy that has not been contaminated with GMOs. We believe it’s better to be cautious and have chosen to completely exclude soy from all of our feeds. There’s no substitute for quality and we know you want only the best for your animals.

 Concerned about Corn? Naturally Free Feeds –The Honest Answer

We offer our Naturally Free Feeds which are 100% Corn Free as well as Organic, Non-GMO and 100% Soy Free. We go to the extra effort to offer both types of feed for folks who want to be sure of avoiding GMO corn sources and the rise in corn allergies.

But, because of the extra energy that corn provides to help keep animals warm in cold weather, we do recommend using our Soy Free Feeds containing corn in the winter. To keep your animals both warm and safe, we test all of our corn in accredited laboratories to verify that it’s Non-GMO before we buy it. We won’t even let untested corn into our mill!