You’ve set up your brooder, selected your favorite variety of chicks (ducklings, or poults), and now you’re wondering with so many options in feed, which one is the best for their longterm health and well-being.

Non GMO Chicken Feed

From the start…

You’ve come to the right place! Like big boxes of cereal, there are many recognizable brands. But the first thing you’ll probably notice is how different the feeds look, smell, and ultimately – taste. Then, if you’re like most new chick mom’s and pop’s you’ll be looking at those certifications. Reading labels is important to my family. Should it be important when selecting feeds for my animals? Are all feeds Certified Organic and Verified NON-GMO? Where are they sourced from? Are the ingredients really nutritionally complete? Are they considered natural and free of ingredients like soy? Do all feeds contain medication? Do they need to? Do I need to feed my chickens grit? If you’ve gotten this far, give yourself a gold star for chicken parenting!

When selecting a premium quality feed for members of your flock and farm there are many product differentiators and short and long term health considerations. And, we want you to have all the facts you need to make an informed choice not only for your animals but ultimately for your entire family. Because you know what we say…


A word from contributing writer, Janet Garman.

In her recent blog titled, “Chick Starter Feed For Growing Healthy Chicks“, Janet shares, “A lot of research and development goes into the making of these recognizable brand name feeds. They are designed to deliver the basic nutrients to your flock. Oftentimes though, a quick comparison of where the nutrients come from will speak volumes.

“By-products? What are those? Is corn the first product listed? Corn is a good nutrient for chickens but is it the best? Often more digestible protein can be found in a mixture of lentils and whole grains, such as oats and barley.

“It’s natural to want to feed the very best choice for your fluffy newcomers. Every backyard chicken keeper searches for the healthiest chick food available. Many of us also want to feed a Certified Organic, whole grain, NON-GMO feed, but wonder if it’s available locally and is it necessary?”

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More About Janet

In our April Flock’s Journey Member News, we introduced friend, farmer, and Scratch and Peck Feeds influencer, Janet Garman. Known as the Timber Creek Farmer, Janet’s career in writing began shortly after her nest emptied. The experience of managing a Maryland farm and a full house of children led her to begin sharing her life through a farm-themed blog and website.

After years of studying farm management and raising many species of livestock, Janet’s career in writing began shortly after her nest emptied. The experience of managing a Maryland farm and a full house of children led her to begin sharing her life through a farm-themed blog and website,  Timber Creek Farmer.

Degreed in large animal farm management and animal science from the University of Maryland, Janet has decades of practical farm and homesteading knowledge. A freelance writer and published author, her titles include, “50 Do It Yourself Projects for Keeping Chickens”, “Keeping Sheep and Other Fiber Animals”, “50 Do It Yourself Projects for Keeping Goats”, “Chickens from Scratch, Raising Your Own Chickens from Hatch to Egg Laying and Beyond”, “Habitat Housing for Rabbits”, and “Margarita and the Beautiful Gifts”.

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