No Dirty Birds — Go Organic from Day 1

No Dirty Birds — Go Organic from Day 1

Scratch and Peck Feeds No Dirty BirdsLast month, a farmer in Oregon who uses our poultry feed for his meat birds contacted us to tell us a quick story. He had recently taken his birds to be processed. When the processor looked at the birds, he asked, “What do you feed your birds?” The farmer said, “Scratch and Peck Feeds. Why?” The processor responded, “I have never seen such clean birds before.” The farmer was eager to share the experience with us, and we are thrilled he did!

That story exemplifies why we do what we do at Scratch and Peck – make clean, raw, whole grain feeds that you can trust to feed your animals, and in turn can trust the food you eat. To help drive that message home, in 2017 we launched Organic from Day 1, our program that partners with local retailers who sell chicks. These are retailers who believe in the importance of raising chickens on organic, medication-free feeds from the start. Our Organic from Day 1 stores provide their customers with the healthiest chicks, fed the cleanest feed available – Naturally Free Organic Starter.  By continuing to raise their flock on our organic, Non-GMO Project Verified feeds, chicken keepers who buy chicks from those stores are also going Organic from Day 1.

This year we’re taking that message even further by declaring “No Dirty Birds!” — a stand against raising birds that have been pumped full of medication, fed overly-processed feeds, or housed in unclean and confining conditions that result in high-stressed and sick animals. Medications can leave residues in future eggs. And, well, we all have seen what chickens that have spent their life in a factory farm look like. From the backyard farmer to the large-scale organic farmer, we’re saying “No Dirty Birds,” and we want you to join us!

With organic standards being challenged, raising our own animals Organic from Day 1 is a way we can reclaim and trust our food system. Clean, medication-free feed, natural preventative treatments, such as apple cider vinegar and garlic in their water, and access to plenty of fresh air make for healthy, happy, humanely-raised birds. So, when you sit down to enjoy your morning omelet, you can feel confident in what you’re eating and proud that you have No Dirty Birds in your flock. And that is something you can bawk about!


  1. Gwyn March 20, 2018 at 10:40 am - Reply

    THis is awestome, so glad I found you. My chicks are totally enjoying the food I just purchased off of Amazon. Tractor Supply needs to carry your line. Their options for chick food is the worst.

    Thank you and keep up the great message!

    Gwyn Gilhooley
    Woodstock, GA

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