Optimizing Scratch and Peck Feeds for Your Animals

Optimizing Scratch and Peck Feeds for Your Animals

We provide guidelines to help you optimize our feeds, treats, and supplements for your animals. Many factors can affect using animal feeds, including breed, age, and quantity of animals. Even climate (think heat and humidity in Georgia vs. cold and snow in Alaska) and finicky animals (just like humans!) can impact feed usage. But in general, below are the recommendations we offer for our raw, whole grains and feeds.

Because our feeds are minimally processed, the smaller fines and ingredients may shift to the bottom of bags during transit because they’re not incorporated into pellets or mash. Those ingredients contain additional nutrients, so mix and scoop from the bottom of the bag to serve up that goodness at each feeding. You can also ferment our feeds to give even more of a nutrient boost to your animals!

For more specific information about all of our products, visit the individual product pages.

Scratch and Peck Feeds Feeding Guide

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