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Organic Animal Feed by Any Other Name

organic scratch peck chicken feed

Scratch and Peck Organic Feeds

As Shakespeare once wrote, “A bag of Scratch and Peck feed by any other name would be just as nutritious.” Or something like that. Point being, we’ve decided to take the leap and change the names of some of our products to more accurately reflect their merits. We want to ensure that the value and benefits of all our products can be seen at a glance, without question that they are high quality, organic feeds, treats, and supplements that, as one of our customers said, “don’t contain any hooey!”

All of our products that are Certified Organic (not all ingredients, such as grubs or granite, can be certified organic), now clearly include “Organic” in their name. After all, if we go the length to source grains from organic farmers in our region and work to maintain our certification, why not sing that praise? We’ve also updated our naming for products with or without corn. Our Naturally Free line remains the flag for no corn in the product. However, the use of “soy free” in our naming was causing confusion. ALL our feeds are soy free and always have been. Now, to quickly identify the products that contain corn (from farmers we love and trust), the product simply includes “with Corn” in the name. For example, Soy Free Layer has become Organic Layer with Corn. Easy peasy!

Below is the breakdown of our old product names and new product names to help you make this transition with us. You’ll start seeing these names (along with our new packaging!) on the shelves at your favorite local feed store. What’s in a name? If you ask us, we’d say it’s what’s on the inside that matters. And for us that means wholesome ingredients for your chickens, ducks, and livestock.

Scratch and Peck Organic Feeds

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