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White Owl Farms

Eggs or meat from farmers using Scratch and Peck feeds

Check below to find farms in your area! Ask the farm which available products are from animals raised on our feeds!

If you are a farmer using our feeds and would like to be added to this list, please contact us.



Open Field Farm – Petaluma, CA
Contact: Seth and Sarah James
Open Field Farm is a diversified farm raising grass fed beef, pastured eggs, chickens, turkeys, and pork, while also growing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, dry beans and corn, flowers, and small grains. We hope to continue to add to our diversity as we grow. All of our food is distributed through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. We use all organic and biodynamic practices and are in the process of being certified.



Hubbell’s Hog Heaven  –  Pahoa, HI
Contact: Mike Hubbell
Hubbell’s Hog Heaven is a small pig farm on 1-1/2 acres on the Big Island of Hawaii. We utilize the Korean Natural Farming method as learned from Master Cho (CGNF).



Working Hands Farm  –  Hillsboro, OR
Contact: Brian and Jess Powers
Working Hands Farm is a small organic CSA farm located on River Road in beautiful Hillsboro, Oregon. At Working Hands Farm we work in conjunction with nature utilizing farming methods such as, cover cropping, integrated pest management, inter-planting, composting, etc…. These methods are the foundation of our farm, it is by mimicking the natural state that our crops originated from we can grow without the use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.   We believe that it is essential to feed our community safe and nutritious fruits & vegetables. Our farm specializes in growing European varietals that should inspire new gastronomic adventures in all of the households we feed.  Working Hands Farm was started in 2010 by Brian (Martin) Powers, a Portland native, with the goal of bringing a new perspective to our urban farming community.  We invite you all out to the farm to come see and experience how we are doing things differently.

Our Table Cooperative and Farm  –  Sherwood, OR
Contact: Our Table Sales
Our Table is a cooperative of farmers and producers working together to create handcrafted, thoughtful and delicious food for the local community.  We are a model multi-stakeholder collective that harnesses the power of collaboration to create shared value through all stages of food growth and production.  Our Table is a new paradigm for a more localized food system based on a new form of agriculture that blends the wisdom of the past with the science of the present.
Our Table Cooperative leases a 58-acre farm located in Sherwood, Oregon, about 15 miles south of Portland.  We raise a variety of crops on this farm including vegetables, blueberries, apples and an assortment of livestock.

Anker Farm  –  Bend, OR
Contact: Anker Farm
Anker Farm is a place where good food and good music meet.  Nan and Mac are creating a place worthy of the Bradetich Brothers who built the original dairy farm here in Bend in the 1920’s, but with a view of the future.  The long term vision is to have a farm with a small destination restaurant that serves only food grown on the farm, using only the best of organic farming practices, as well as a first class, non for profit, music venue.  We focus on preserving non-mainstream breeds that have not been genetically messed with, inbred, commercialized or otherwise messed up by humans, period. We love our animals and we treat them with respect.  We feed them the grass and weeds on our farm that have not been doctored with for over twenty years, as well as the best organic, non GMO feeds that are produced by the crew at Scratch and Peck feed. And then, when they have led useful lives in a great place, we kill them humanely and eat them with you; it is the way things work.

Able Farms  –  Portland, OR
Contact: Megan Denton
Able Farms is a small scale farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture. We are located in Portland, OR. Our animals are raised solely on Scratch and Peck Feed. We focus on our community through food empowerment. We welcome anyone to come have a look at our operation and share our bounty.


Washington State

Beach View Farm
Contact: Cory Fakkema
Beach View Farm is a family farm that produces premier pastured meats, fats, and eggs the way nature intended. They perform proper animal husbandry by pasturing all of their animals, which provides fresh air, sunshine, a balanced and biologically appropriate diet, and sanitary shelter.They don’t use chemicals in their pastures and their animals don’t do drugs. They sell eggs, chicken, turkey, pork, and beef.

White Owl Farms – Stanwood, WA
Contact: Erin Preston
White Owl Farms, LLC originated by a common goal among family members to create a healthy and happy living environment for family, friends and animals.  All of their birds are raised on organic pastures and supplemented exclusively with Scratch and Peck Feed.  Their hope is that raising their birds in this manner will pass along their belief that respecting all life makes everyone feel better about what they eat and how they prepare their food.

Early Bird Farm  –  Tacoma, WA
Contact: Rawley Johnson
At Early Bird Farm, we grow a little bit of everything, and it all works together in ways that mimic what nature intended.  Our chickens rotate around the pasture in mobile coops, fertilizing the fields for the vegetables we grow.  Many of these vegetables rely on our honeybees for pollination, and our berries, fruit trees, and flowers ensure that the bees have plenty of nectar all season long.  Cover crops and crop rotations ensure that the soil gets the rest and rejuvenation it needs. Everything is grown without synthetic chemicals of any kind and that’s why it all tastes so good!

G&H Pastured Poultry  –  McCleary, WA
Contact: Joan Hurst and Terry Gentry
G&H Pastured Poultry is a small 20 acre ranch in McCleary, Washington, that is dedicated to raising a healthy chicken for our family and our community.  We choose the colored ranger chicken.  It is a lively heritage stock breed that is naturally suited for our pasture rearing system.  They are moved everyday to green pasture grass and fed an all natural grain that is milled in Washington. The well being and humane treatment of the chicken is our highest priority.  We humanely process the birds on our ranch in a newly built processing building.  They are packaged in shrink bags and are available fresh or frozen. Give us a call and we can give you a tour of the place.  Come and see how your food  is raised!

G&H also offers processing for others who grow their own birds for their personal consumption.

Heritage Hog and Cattle Company  –  Gig Harbor, WA
Heritage Hog and Cattle Company is in the Ray Nash valley of Gig Harbor, Washington. We are a veteran-owned small family farm focused on raising heritage pork and beef. We raise glouchestershire old spot pigs and scottish highland cattle for stock and meat production. We raise heritage chickens and ducks for egg production and rotational land management; American Guinea hogs for pasture management; and goats for milk production. Our farming practices are focused on quality of life and nutrition for our stock, to include rotational grazing and sprouting.

Ryan Family Farm  –  Graham, WA
Situated in beautiful Graham, Washington within view of Mt. Rainier, we believe in growing real food for real people. Our vision is to become a model of sustainable, small-scale organic farming in Pierce County. We raise chickens and heritage breed turkeys. They are all fed non-GMO, organic feed from Scratch and Peck feeds. R​est assured, our food is grown following organic standards and practices and our animals are raised humanely, free-ranged on pasture by our family for the local market. Our motto is “Eat like your grandparents did”​, and t​hat means real food.

Mission: We produce high quality food using sustainable agriculture practices. We are stewards of scarce natural resources and believe that strengthening the connection between producers and consumers can improve quality of life for people and community.

Ode to Joy Farm  –  Enumclaw, WA
Contact: Joyce Behrendt
Chicken and duck eggs from my pasture-raised birds are available for purchase on the farm anytime in the cooler at the driveway entrance. A small number of broilers and stewing hens are available for purchase at selected dates. Please check the website or Facebook for availability. Come out and see me at the Issaquah Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 9-2 and come out to the farm for a visit.

Three Little Blackbirds Bakery and Farm – Washougal, WA
Contact: Erin
At Three Little Blackbirds Farm, our hens are treated like royalty. They are 90% free range and pastured on fresh untreated green grass. They spend their day dust bathing, lounging in the sun, chasing after bugs, digging up worms and munching on grass. Their diets are supplemented with 100% organic GM free (genetically modified), corn free and soy free whole feed along with meal worms for extra protein and organic vegetable scraps and clippings right out of our veggie garden. They are also fed probiotics, apple cider vinegar, and flax meal/chia seed for an added dose of Omega 3 fatty acids in the eggs. Periodic feedings of protein-rich alfalfa and calendula flowers keeps the yolks of the eggs a beautiful rich orange hue. We do our best to make sure the eggs are as clean as possible. Since the eggs are hand gathered from the coops, you may occasionally find a small feather under an egg in the carton or small smudges of dirt on an egg or two. We like to think it adds to the character and charm of buying directly from an organic farm that doesn’t believe in scrubbing and bleaching practices.


Membership Organizations


Tilth Producers of Washington Provender Alliance American Pastured Poultry Producers Association
Cloud Mountain Farm Center
Sustainable Food Trade Association Organic Farmers Association


Community Involvement

The Whatcom Humane Society – Bellingham, WA
Animals as Natural Therapy – Bellingham, WA
Alternative Humane Society – Bellingham, WA
Lynden FFA – Lynden, WA
Cooped Up in Seattle 4H – Seattle, WA
Seattle Tilth – Seattle, WA
New Moon Farm – Goat Rescue and Sanctuary – Arlington, WA
Animal Place – Grass Valley, CA
The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats – Mojave, CA
Farm Sanctuary – Orland, CA – Los Angeles, CA – Watkins Glen, NY
Idaho Farm Animal Sanctuary – Boise, ID

Websites We Love


Dining Out

Are you looking for a restaurant using quality products such as eggs or meat raised using Scratch and Peck Feeds?

**Make sure to check with the restaurant regarding how they source products!**

If you would like to be added to this list, please contact us.



Pace Restaurant  –  Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, CA
Contact: or 323-654-8583
Uses: Eggs from hens fed Scratch and Peck Feeds for baking and fresh pasta creations.

Head Chef and Owner Sandy Gendel fuses organics with art, and community with luxury in his treasured progeny–Pace. True to its namesake, this Laurel Canyon sanctuary is a cozy and serene approach to refined Italian cuisine. Pace’s rustic menu features classic pasta dishes, original salads created with seasonal produce, to-die-for entrees, and inventive ciabatta-crust pizzas. Gendel handpicks his organic ingredients from local farmer’s markets twice a week so that “each morsel travels from the farm to your mouth in less than three days . . . and is infused with the care afforded by organic cultivation methods.” At Pace, the farmer’s markets are valued not only for their superior fresh food, but Gendel also remains committed to supporting the local agriculture community. He encourages further community symbiosis by displaying for sale the eclectic and vibrant works of local artists, complimented by the wall of his patron’s spontaneous creations. Pace also showcases live musicians in hopes to marry the artistry of cuisine, sight and sound.



Three Little Blackbirds Bakery and Farm  –  Washougal, WA
Uses: Eggs from hens fed Scratch and Peck Feeds for baking cakes, rolls, scones, and more!

Three Little Blackbirds Bakery is about simplicity in all its beauty, wholesome food made with loving hands, and a chance to be transported back in time to a loving place with just one bite.  All of our bakery items are made with organic cane sugar or Grade B maple syrup or local (Oregon & Washington) raw honey, organic unbleached whole grain flour and we use our organic non-gmo farm eggs in everything we make. We believe in supporting our community and farmers and we purchase our ingredients locally and from an organic source whenever possible. Check out our Products page on our website for more information.

Bakery delivery available for Washougal, Camas, Vancouver Area/Southwest Washington State residents only.