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Rubber Boots Workshops“We believe in organic pastured farming and want to help that become a reality for more farmers.” ~ Diana Ambauen-Meade, Founder and Owner

We work with farmers around the Pacific Northwest to utilize heritage and innovative farming practices and to help secure a thriving regional food system. One of the ways we are working with farmers is our launch of a farmer outreach program that includes how-to guides, educational videos, marketing materials for farm products, and hands-on workshops.

The Rubber Boots Workshop Series is a lineup of educational events where both new and seasoned farmers share knowledge. The goal of the workshops is to help overcome operating obstacles, learn best practices, and be successful feeding their animals wholesome organic food. The workshops will be presented by speakers who are using organic whole grains and feeds in innovative ways and have developed farming efficiencies.

Scratch and Peck Feeds and GRuBSaturday, August 4, 1 pm – 3 p.m. — Intro to Backyard Chickens, Cost: $25

Want to know everything about having your own backyard flock?  Join a workshop collaboration between Scratch and Peck Feeds and GRuB to learn what you need to get started.  Joan Hurst of G & H Pastured Poultry will present this workshop that will cover:

  • Selecting housing and necessary supplies
  • Planning for a health flock diet
  • Keeping your chickens happy

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Saturday, October 13, 1 pm – 3 pm — Fermenting Feed & Sprouting Grains for Animal Food, Cost: $25

Scratch and Peck Feeds and GRuB

Join Scratch and Peck Feeds in collaboration with GRuB for this introductory workshop about fermenting and sprouting for your chickens and ducks. Learn how to increase the nutritional value of your feed, while significantly reducing the amount of feed needed for your flock. The steps are easy, and your animals will love these heritage practices! Register here.

November — Heritage Hogs and Niche Pork

Details to come!