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Product Description

Animal Welfare ApprovedCluckin’ Good Grubs are dried black soldier fly larvae, an environmentally friendly feed supplement or treat to be used in conjunction with our balanced animal feeds. They are grown in the Pacific Northwest, raised on traceable pre-consumer waste fruits, vegetables and grains that might otherwise go to a landfill. Cluckin’ Good Grubs are rich in protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and are an excellent source of calcium. See our blog post, Bugs with a Mission for Better Nutrition, for more information on our Grubs.

Use of this product is compliant with the AWA program when used in accordance with the AWA standards.

Offer Cluckin’ Good Grubs as a natural treat or feed supplement in conjunction with our balanced animal feeds. Feed from your hand or scatter on the ground!

What are Cluckin' Good Grubs?
The grubs are actually the larvae of the black soldier fly. Black soldier flies are “specialists” in recycling spoiled or unused food and are used to supplement animal feeds. Black Soldier Flies do not bite, nor do they buzz around looking for something to eat, making them a useful ally in sustainable agriculture. The processing method of the grubs is to wash, cook and then dry.
What do Cluckin' Good Grubs feed on?
The grubs feed on pre-consumer waste such as fruits, vegetables, and grains that might otherwise go to a landfill. All of their feed is 100% traceable and provides a nutritious diet yielding a healthy larvae rich in calcium and Omega-3s. Most comparable products on the market are sourced from China and have been tested to show high levels of mercury.
Are Cluckin' Good Grubs from China?
Absolutely not! Sourcing the highest quality ingredients directly from local growers is extremely important to Scratch and Peck Feeds and our Cluckin’ Good Grubs are no exception. We are very excited about our 100% Pacific NW sourced Cluckin’ Good Grubs and the partnerships we have formed to bring you this sustainable and nutritious treat.
Why are some Cluckin' Good Grubs darker than others?
Different maturity levels of the larvae will vary in color.
What is in the bag with Cluckin' Good Grubs?
The extra content in the bag is small amounts of dried feedstock left over from the separation process. This is not harmful for animals to eat.
Who can eat Cluckin' Good Grubs?
Cluckin’ Good Grubs can be fed to any omnivorous animal who eats insects as part of its diet. They are a perfect treat for chickens, ducks, game birds and we hear some reptiles love them too!
Why should I feed Cluckin' Good Grubs?
Cluckin’ Good Grubs are a great source of protein which promotes feather growth and discourages feather picking. A great boredom buster so they can scratch and peck around the coop searching for more!
What is the shelf life for Cluckin' Good Grubs?
Due to the manner in which our grubs are dried, they have an extensive shelf life.

4 reviews for Cluckin’ Good Grubs

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mary Redfield (verified owner)

    My backyard chickens flip over these grubs and I swear that the taste of their eggs is even better since I started feeding the grubs once a day. That’s not just my opinion, but has been noticed by several friends whom I share my eggs with. I’ve always heard that the best tasting eggs come from hens that free-range and find bugs and other edibles in nature. My girls are only able to free-range for a short time per day, so I’m pleased to be able to supplement their diet with these grubs. Never again will I feed them dried mealworms grown who-knows-where. My family and friends eat these eggs! I prefer the pacific northwest and I trust this company. I also use the grubs to get the hens back to their coop in a hurry. They come running the minute they see me fetching the bag. I buy the larger bag and it lasts me quite a while. Not cheap, but worth it. I highly recommend this product!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marsha (verified owner)

    I ordered some grub from another supplier and they were of much lesser quality then your grubs. The other grubs ere totally brown and dried – almost as if they had been cooked to long. there was no bargain there

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Denise Sherrill (verified owner)

    I bought the small 6 oz trial bag thinking my chickens will eat a few here and there. I was buying the dried meal worms but as my chickens got older, they became disinterested in them and not really eating them. I didn’t want to spend money on something they would not eat and I figured if they didn’t eat these, I would give them to the wild birds. BOY was I wrong! My girls went crazy for these grubs. They hear any kind of bag crinkle and they come running. I can’t believe how much my chickens love these. I am happy to splurge for my girls with these grubs and I am so happy that they come from the USA. Thank you Scratch and Peck for offering these treats.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Glory Kosmatka (verified owner)

    My chickens run to me when they see or hear the rustle of the bag. So glad I don’t have to get mealworms from China anymore. They like these better than the other brand of grubs.

    These are great to get them to go where I need them in a hurry and for socializing.

    A very high quality and ecological treat!

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