Cluckin’ Good Organic Herbs


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Product Description

Cluckin’ Good Organic Herbs are a good choice for chickens and ducks of all ages.* Herbs have often been used throughout history to support digestive and circulatory health. The xanthophylls in the calendula flowers deepens yolk coloring in eggs, and nettles have been known to increase eggshell strength when used regularly. The herbs in this mix have been selected for their known beneficial attributes and natural preventative properties. Always offer clean fresh water, age appropriate grit and oyster shell for laying hens.

Common benefits associated with herbs:

  • Nettle: Calcium, bone strengthening
  • Ginger: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
  • Garlic: Immune support
  • Basil: Adaptogen, anti-inflammatory
  • Thyme: Respiratory health
  • Calendula: Contains xanthophylls, which deepens egg yolk color
  • Oregano: Antioxidant for immune support
  • Parsley: Good source for vitamin K, D, and A, folate and iron


*Attributes of Cluckin’ Good Organic Herbs have not been approved by the FDA

Add 1 Tablespoon Cluckin’ Good Organic Herbs with daily ration of 3/4 cup feed per bird.

Organic Garlic, Organic Ginger, Organic Parsley, Organic Thyme, Organic Basil, Organic Oregano, Organic Nettle, Organic Calendula

What are Cluckin' Good Organic Herbs?
Cluckin’ Good Organic Herbs are a carefully selected mix of organic herbs and edible flowers that have known benefits in herbal medicine, including anti-inflammation and immune support. The mix is intended for preventative care and overall health, not as a treatment. We recommend the consultation of veterinary help in all animal health issues.
When do I use these herbs?
Add to your daily feed ration or sprinkle liberally in nesting boxes during regular cleanings. They can be used at any time
Are Cluckin' Good Organic Herbs also Non-GMO Project Verified?
Absolutely! Sourcing the highest quality ingredients is extremely important to Scratch and Peck Feeds and our herbs are no exception.
Do your Cluckin' Good Organic Herbs contain any scents, colors or preservatives?
No way! Only 100% Certified Organic herbs and flowers are in the bag.
What is the shelf life of Cluckin' Good Organic Herbs?
We recommend a 1-year shelf-life.
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Nothing! No, really! Shipping costs have been calculated into the product price. We do not charge additional fees for shipping.
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