DooKashi Poultry Brooder & Coop Deodorizer


Available online in: 1 lb

Product Description

DooKashi for Poultry™ eliminates odor and reduces disease-producing microbes that cause an irritating by-product of having chickens, ducks and other poultry: odor! Plus, healthy chickens means healthy egg production. Backyard chickens are becoming very popular however, remember to be a good neighbor and reduce chicken odor from their coop. Use DooKashi™ in the coop and get no more complaints (only neighbors hoping for eggs!).

  • Eliminates harmful ammonia odor, keeping birds’ respiratory systems healthy
  • Reduces pathogens at the microbial level
  • Neutralizes odor without masking scents or chemicals
  • Speeds up process for composting manure
  • Eco-friendly and completely safe if ingested
  • Cost-Effective — makes bedding last longer

Select Wheat Bran, Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Listed Probiotic, Blackstrap Molasses, Purified Water

For best results, start with a clean coop. Sprinkle a visible and thorough amount* in coop. Cover with shavings. Add Dookashi™ into nesting boxes between layers of shavings or straw. Re-apply when your nose tells you to and odors will not accumulate! Store sealed in dry area.

*Amount and frequency varies depending on ventilation and number of poultry in coop.

For questions about Dookashi™, contact their customer service at or by phone at 425.814.6385.

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For questions about Dookashi, contact their customer service at or by phone at 425.814.6385.