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Layer (contains corn)


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Please note:We have made a few changes in our feed selection that will allow us to bring additional new products to you soon. As of April 4, 2016, Soy Free Layer 18% and Soy Free Layer 20% are no longer available to purchase online. These products can still be ordered wholesale by the ton.
Soy Free Layer 16% is still available to purchase online.

Available online in: 25 lbs

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Product Description

Our Layer with corn is a Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Organic product. We use a blend of Pacific Northwest grown whole grains from Certified Organic farms throughout the region.

Our Layer Feeds are designed to be the healthiest and most natural product available for your laying hens. This complete Layer ration is formulated in two ways; our Layer contains corn and our Naturally Free Layer does not contain corn. The grains are left naturally whole in this feed rather than highly processed into pellets.

This Layer Feed at 16% protein also contains a high amount of calcium. Calcium is used by hens to produce strong eggshells and should only be fed to birds that are laying or will lay in the near future.

Be careful not to allow your hens to put on too much weight as it can affect production if they get fat.

This feed is suitable for ducks, geese and all waterfowl!

Feeding Information

Your hens should be approaching their full grown size at approximately 18-20 weeks of age. Begin introducing Soy Free Layer gradually to allow for a slow adjustment to the new feed formula. This is more important when switching from a different type of feed such as crumbles or pellets as your chickens may not immediately know how to consume a mash style feed. Check our feeding tips label which is stitched into your feed bag to ensure your ladies are getting all of the quality nutrients provided in our feed. Be sure to offer fresh water, plenty of grit and you can begin to supplement oyster shell.

Feel free to continue offering 3-Grain Scratch or Scratch n’ Corn by tossing around their run to promote foraging (scratching and pecking) or use as a training tool!


Organic Peas, Organic Barley, Organic Wheat, Organic Corn, Organic Linseed Meal, Ground Limestone, Oyster Shell, Organic Sesame Meal, Fish Meal, Vitamin and Mineral Pre-Mix, Organic Vegetable Oil


Can I feed this to my ducks, geese or other waterfowl?
My birds aren’t laying this time of year. Is it okay to switch to grower instead of layer for winter as they don’t need the added calcium/minerals in the layer?
How much do laying hens eat?
What is the shelf life of Soy Free Layer?
  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Previously, my hens would eat their other crumble…begrudgingly. They preferred filling up while ranging or on fruits and veggies. They love Scratch and Peck! They eat voraciously and I will catch them sitting in the feed bin when I am filling their bowls! This is the only food that makes them “purr” while eating. I appreciate the quality of this product.

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