Scratch and Peck Feeding Tips for Chickens

Scratch and Peck Feeding Tips for Chickens

Scratch and Peck organic animal feedAre your chickens leaving behind powder in their feeder that they just won’t seem to eat? Try some of these tips that have helped our customers train their chickens to clean their plate after each meal!

  1. Don’t over feed –  On average, an adult hen will eat around a 1/3 pound of feed per day, or approximately 2 lbs per bird per week. If you offer them more than that, they may start picking out their favorite parts of the feed. We have found that setting out a limited amount of feed each day will train your birds to finish up everything they can. This may take some practice but many customers swear by this method as the best way to solve the wasted fines problem of non-pelleted feed.
  2. Add some moisture – Although more time intensive, adding something extra such as yogurt, broth, milk, water, or oatmeal to their leftovers will help bind the fines and create a tasty treat that your birds will love! Even better – try Fermenting!
  3. Try a different feeder – Many customers have found that different feeder designs offer better feed utilization.  Any feeder that is designed to restrict the bird’s ability to stand in, scratch at, or throw their feed around will help solve the left over fines problem. Many of our customers have found great results using trough style feeders rather than a gravity feeder.

Learn more about Fermenting Feed here.


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