Spoil Your Birds – Not Your Feed!

Spoil Your Birds – Not Your Feed!

Scratch and Peck FeedsHungry chickens and ducks have no trouble raging through a bag of feed. When birds are growing, molting, or simply loving the good life, it may seem you are constantly at the feed store to stock up on feed and treats. The up side of having good eaters is that you don’t have to store their food for very long.

There are times, however, that the food lasts longer or when your animals need fewer calories, such as in the summer when ducks and chickens eat less because they don’t need carbohydrates to keep them warm. Some folks ferment our feed, which also helps extend the supply of whole food feed. During these times when feed isn’t getting consumed quickly, it’s helpful to understand the shelf life of items in order to retain the highest nutrients possible that your animals need.

All Scratch and Peck feeds begin with raw, whole grains that come direct from the fields of regional farmers. This is important for several reasons when comparing to pelletized feeds. Whole grains pack a punch of nutritional value—from strong protein and fat content to optimal carbohydrates and fiber. Whole grains left intact and uncracked also have a unique self-storage factor built in by Mother Nature—a natural protective layer to help keep pests and spoilage at bay and prolong the shelf life.

The varying fat content of whole grains is a key driver in determining the lifespan of the grains—the higher the fat content, the shorter the shelf life. When cracked, the beneficial oils in the grains are released, which then begin to oxidize and are more impacted by factors such as heat, light, and moisture. Therefore, our Naturally Free Organic Starter, which is ground into smaller pieces to allow for easier digestion by chicks, has a shorter shelf life than our Naturally Free Organic Layer, which is left in its whole grain form.

In general, we recommend an expiration date of six months on our feeds and treats, because we add organic vegetable oil to increase the Omega-3. There are exceptions to that rule, and our whole grain selections without the additional oils of our complete feeds can last up to a year. Below is a list of the shelf lives that we recommend for our products. To ensure that your feeds and treats maintain their nutritional benefits, always keep them in a dry, cool area (75 degrees or less) and out of direct sunlight. That way you can be certain that your animals are getting the best quality food with the most nutritional value. Hungry or not, animals deserve the best!


3 months
6 months
1 year
Naturally Free Organic Starter Cluckin’ Good Cracked Corn Organic 3-Grain Scratch
Organic Pig Grower Naturally Free Organic Grower Organic Scratch ‘n Corn
Naturally Free Organic  Layer Cluckin’ Good Organic Herbs
Organic Broiler with Corn Organic Whole Barley
Organic Layer with Corn Organic Whole Wheat
Organic Turkey Grower Organic Whole Corn
Organic Cracked Peas Organic Whole Oats
Organic Goat Feed Organic Whole Peas

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