Sprout-Ferment Starter Kit Cock-a-doodle-doo we’ve got great news for you! We are ecstatic to launch our new Cluckin’ Good Sprout-Ferment Starter Kit!

This kit is intended to help those with any sized flock try their hand at optimizing their feed and through fermentation and sprouting on a smaller scale. Why this is so cluckin’ exciting? Well, sprouting can give your livestock a boost of plant nutrients during the cooler months while fermenting can keep your livestock hydrated and healthy, while also extending the life of your feed.

This kit compliments our 10 lbs bags of Cluckin’ Good Organic Sprouting Peas, and Barley.


Sprout-Ferment Starter Kit

Included in the Cluckin’ Good Sprout-Ferment Starter Kit:

Try pairing the Cluckin’ Good Sprout-Ferment Starter Kit with any of our 10 lbs bags of organic whole grains and feeds!

To learn more check out the sprouting video below and our blogs, Sprouting – For Feed or Fun and Maximizing Value with Fermented Feeds.