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See what other customers have said about Scratch and Peck’s Chicken Feed.

“I know that you stand behind your products and I truly thank you for you quick response to my concerns! You have or work for an awesome company and I love that the feed is SOY FREE and that I now have a store within minutes of me that carries your feed.
Thanks again for your exemplary customer service!”

-Karen, Orting, WA

“I love my little Rhode Island Red hens and my big grey Plymouth Rock Rooster. I had been feeding them some organic feed from a national chain feed store, and they did not seem to care for it.  They ate it disinterestedly  a little at a time.  They just ate a bite here and there.  It was obvious to me that they were not enjoying it.  It is organic, and designed for chickens, but that does not mean it is really good stuff. When I first gave them  the food you made and Tom delivered, they enthusiastically went for it.  They made lovely contented sounds and ate and ate.  I was amazed!  They keep doing that every day now!  It is obviously what they need. They stay eating for a long time and they make those wonderful sounds.   It is obviously delicious for them and healthful.  They instinctively know what is truly GOOD for them!  
With food like this, I predict they will continue to lay an egg a day each (except the rooster) for the next several years. I bought a bag for my neighbor who experienced similar results with her chickens! I am just so happy to find you and your great food.”

-Toby, Camas, WA

“Hi, I’m new to backyard chickens, and just wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” for making such a wonderful product! I did a lot of reading and online research before finding your company. I really wanted an organic (and non-GMO feed), but didn’t want to pay high shipping costs. I was delighted to find your company, then find that it was carried at a local store (Sun People Dry Goods, in Spokane). My hens LOVE THIS FEED!!!!. Thank you again for making it!”

-Andrea Johnson, Spokane, WA

“Dear Scratch and Peck,
I want to express my gratitude to you for taking care of my order so quickly.  You processed the order the same day I called and I received both boxes this afternoon.  Both my chickens and I thank you!  I appreciate your help in getting this to me in my tight time crunch.
Thank you!  All best!”

-Doug Boyer, Texas

Hello! We are so happy with our order! I love that it really looks like food instead of “feed”. I knew the meaps (our meat flock) would eat whatever I put in front of them, but thought that the layers might be a little more choosey. Well, I was right- they are eating the Scratch and Peck food out first and leaving their old feed behind!
Thank you for a great product, we are excited to continue ordering from you. Also, thanks for passing my information on to other Lewis County chickenheads!
I also would like to give thanks for your extremely helpful driver. Loading was so smooth due to his letting us pull our trucks up to his and roll them right over. Excellent service.”

-Mokey Skinner, Chehalis, WA

I just wanted to let you know the order came in excellent shape!  It took quite a bit to coordinate getting it out to the island but Ron accomplished it.  I have to tell you- these girls had quit laying and I just contributed it to going through a cycle. we were only getting a few eggs a day.  Well, now that they have been on your feed, they are all laying like crazy!So it stands they weren’t so happy with what was coming from town.”

-Becky & Ron, Alaska

“I just wanted to tell you that I am thrilled with the feed I got from you last week! It is just beautiful and the birds are going crazy over it…I will definitely be back for more.
– Ruth

“They LOVE it!!! I couldn’t even believe how crazy they went over it!
– Sara

“I recently purchased some feed from you (one bag of organic and one of non-GMO)…   My girls just love it!! I have a funny story to tell you. My neighbor told me that she found non-GMO/soy-free feed that was a little less expensive. So she gave me a small container and asked if I would give it to my girls and see what they thought of it. It was in pellet form (not like your natural whole food!). So I put it in a separate dish for my girls. They ran over and pecked at it and then turned and walked away with disgust. Now that they are spoiled by your “good stuff” they didn’t want anything to do with that boring pellet food! Your food might be a bit more expensive but it is worth it because my girls look so shiny, happy and healthy and their egg production is up. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product!!
– Tanna

“Our chickens, Dotty, the Buff and Diana, the Cuckoo Marans and our new rooster Don, the blue, copper Marans love your new whole grain. They were very busy cleaning out their dish this evening.
– Marj

“The girls” LOVED that feed. Now that your good feed is all gone and I’ve gone back to the Organic (Brand X) crumble they peck at it and wander away. They are eating it, but not because they like it!!!  They were at the feeder far more with your layer feed. Also I really want to get the organic scratch.

I have a fifty pound bag of crumble to get through but then I think I’ll figure SOMETHING out so I can go back to your layer feed…

Also, if you have flyers I’d LOVE to put them in my stall at the Issaquah Farmer’s Market. It seemed like every other person I spoke with last year kept chickens and I’d really like to help a business like yours grow!!
– Molly

“My friend uses your feed and he said his eggs never tasted so good!! I’m getting some for my son’s chickens in Seattle.
– Len

“Well, I think it’s curtains for our regular layer crumble: my hens LOVE your mix!!! Thanks again for a product that’s making our hens happy, and for such accommodating service too.
– Laura