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Welcome aboard our journey as a Certified B Corporation - a badge of honor we've proudly worn since 2017.

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Month by month, we gather around our B Corp scorecard, strategizing on how to amplify our impact. We’re firm believers in the power of small steps leading to significant changes. Because progress, not perfection, is our true north. 

So, What’s a B CORP? 

B CORP Score Breakdown

Think of it as a business doing good while doing well. A B Corp doesn’t just chase profits. They champion people and the planet too. As for us at Scratch & Peck, what’s our mission? It’s beautifully simple. We’re dedicated to producing the finest, nutrition-packed animal feed, all while upholding the highest standards for environmental and animal welfare. And if that aligns with your values, we’re thrilled to be in your company. 

Why Should B Corp Matter to You? 

It’s simple. By supporting Certified B Corps, you’re endorsing responsible business practices and contributing to the greater good. From our suppliers and employees to our environmental footprint and customers, we’re held to the highest standards. 

Ready for the Scratch & Peck Scorecard? 

As of 2021, our verified score was 81.0 points, just above the 80 points required for B Corp certification. We’ve been fine-tuning our practices since then, aiming to leap to 92.9 by our 2024 assessment. That’s a far cry from the median score of 50.9, achieved by ‘average’ businesses. We earn our stripes across five critical areas – here’s a sneak peek into how we’re shaking things up. 

B CORP Score Breakdown 1

Governance: We infuse ethics, transparency, and environmental considerations into our business DNA. Guided by our vision, mission, and values, we also offer employee training on social and environmental issues. 

Workers: Our workers aren’t just employees – they’re the heart and soul of Scratch & Peck! We value their wellbeing, conducting annual surveys to understand how we can enhance their experience and providing them access to support programs and counseling. 

Community: (aka, our Extended Family). We believe in giving back, offering paid time off for community service and prioritizing local hiring and purchasing. 

Environment: From sourcing Certified Organic, Non-GMO, and North American ingredients to monitoring and offsetting our energy usage, we’re mindful of our environmental footprint. And yes, our packaging is recyclable and compostable. 

Customers: We value your feedback and safeguard your information. Our annual surveys help us continuously improve, and our LIVE customer support is always ready to and waiting to improve your experience. 

We’re thrilled to embark on this collective journey towards sustainable change. Your support empowers us to make a difference for our people, animals, and the planet. So, thank you! Together, we’re unstoppable. Let’s continue to trailblaze and transform – one small step at a time. 

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