How to Store Scratch and Peck Feeds


If you asked your animals, we bet they’d say there is nothing better than a trough of fresh Scratch and Peck to get them ready for their day. Properly storing our feeds will help ensure that the premium quality of the whole grains is retained so your animals get the best nutrition. Here [...]

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Guest Post: Mealworm Farming for Your Chickens


If you visit a farmers market in south Snohomish County and stop by a booth called Egg Song Farm, there's a chance you may see a bin of writhing, live insects called mealworms. If you're brave enough, we’ll even invite you to put your hands in the mealie bin and [...]

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Give Your Chickens a Spa Treatment


We have launched our blend of aromatic nesting herbs under the new name of Cluckin' Good Organic Nesting Medley. It's the perfect spa-day pairing with our supplement Cluckin' Good Organic Herbs. After a healthful treat with the herbs, your chickens can retire to their coop and enjoy the aromatherapy of Organic Nesting Medley. [...]

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Ambassador Spotlight: Carrie Vanness


Give us your elevator pitch on who you are and what you enjoy. I’m a 4th generation Washington native (born in the same town as my great grandmother!) and daughter of a country veterinarian. I blame my dad for my animal obsession. I’m a Washington State University College of Agriculture [...]

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Guest Post: Chicken Keeping Tips from 3rd Graders


My name is Jill Klayum and I teach 2nd and 3rd graders at Machetanz Elementary in Wasilla, AK. Our town has strong agricultural roots going all the way back to President Roosevelt’s New Deal. As part of my job, I teach the history of our community and placed based education [...]

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Repurposing Scratch and Peck Feeds Bags


Our staff and customers are clever, innovative, conscientious people, so when we asked, “How do you repurpose your Scratch and Peck feed bags,” we knew we'd receive an array of answers. What we didn’t anticipate was the treasure trove of ideas that resulted and we’re excited to share them! But first, why [...]

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