When Values Align: Finding the Source for Good

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We believe the small things that turn into big things make life rich. When we set out to share education about sprouting grains and fermenting feeds, we realized we needed to develop a ready-to-go, easy-to-use kit that would make these heritage farming practices quickly achievable in a homestead or backyard environment. We wanted to make ...

Ho, Ho, Holiday Giveaway!

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Hot cocoa with marshmallows, holly, sparkling lights, cozy knitted hats and scarves — the holidays are here! At Scratch and Peck, we’re celebrating by participating in Festival of Trees, a local fundraiser that benefits a senior activity center in our community. We’ve decorated a tree (in pure Scratch and Peck style!) that will be auctioned ...

What Does the Food Safety Modernization Act Mean for Us?

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If you were to pronounce the acronym ‘FSMA’ aloud, the reaction you’d likely get is “Gesundheit!” After all, "FSMA" sounds like an involuntary outburst.  Spelled out, however, FSMA – the Food Safety Modernization Act – is wonderful new legislation to be embraced! What is the FSMA? In short, it’s the most sweeping reform to our ...

10 Things Learned from Our Farmers

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Throughout the years, Diana has taken away a multitude of wisdom from her conversations with farmers, and learns more every time she meets with one. As a company essentially built on agriculture, we wanted to know what her top takeaways have been from farmers. So, in perfect Diana style, she was happy to rattle off the Top 10 Things Learned from Our Farmers, in her own words. Enjoy!

Introducing Our Cluckin’ Good Sprout-Ferment Starter Kit

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Cock-a-doodle-doo we’ve got great news for you! We are ecstatic to launch our new Cluckin’ Good Sprout-Ferment Starter Kit! This kit is intended to help those with any sized flock try their hand at optimizing their feed and through fermentation and sprouting on a smaller scale. Why this is so cluckin’ exciting? Well, sprouting can ...

Organic Animal Feed by Any Other Name

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As Shakespeare once wrote, “A bag of Scratch and Peck feed by any other name would be just as nutritious.” Or something like that. Point being, we’ve decided to take the leap and change the names of some of our products to more accurately reflect their merits. We want to ensure that the value and ...

Why We Believe in Animal Welfare Approved

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All decisions made at Scratch and Peck are with the passion of improving the planet and the lives of our fellow living creatures. One of the ways we demonstrate that commitment is through third party certifications. Among our numerous certifications that we have achieved is that our products are Animal Welfare Approved. Animal Welfare Approved ...

How Scratch and Peck’s Branding Evolved

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As you shop for our products on our website or at your favorite local feed store, you may notice a shift in the look of our packaging. We have spent the last year refining our branding, talking with customers and retailers, and asking ourselves, “How is Scratch and Peck Feeds best represented visually?” Perhaps it ...

Foothills Farms: Feed Fermenting Fiends!

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We talk a lot about our feeds—go figure! From the inputs, to its attributes, to its accreditations, but what about our feed in action? Our recent facility move has put us even closer to many agricultural producers in Washington, and we are now fortunate enough to be next door neighbors with Matt Steinman, the MacGyver ...