Adding Pullets to Your Flock

By Contributing Writer, Stacy Benjamin, 5RFarm Raising chickens is a heartwarming experience, that is until the first time you add new members to your flock and you realize they really are tiny dinosaurs! The pecking order is one of the most brutal parts of [...]

Oyster Shell Shortage Due to Supply Chain Issues

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to drive a national oyster shell shortage leading to many flock owners wondering how to make sure their feathered friends are getting sufficient calcium. Lucky for them all our layer feeds are formulated with the required calcium needed to produce strong [...]

TALKIN’ TURKEYS | From Egg to Lap Turkey

By Contributing Writer, Stacy Benjamin, 5RFarm Broody turkeys can be fiercely protective of their eggs, and even more so of their poults (turkey chicks are called poults). It makes it hard to socialize the little ones when they hatch, and as a result, turkeys that are raised by a momma, [...]

Evolution Of A Flock: From Brooder to Aging Chickens

Through the years. You've set up your brooder, selected your favorite variety of chicks (ducklings, or poults), and now you're wondering what's next? If you're just getting started with your first flock of chickens, you may encounter a few unexpected challenges. Issues like integrating new chicks to an existing flock, [...]

Make Good Choices For Your Chicks: Start With The Label

You've set up your brooder, selected your favorite variety of chicks (ducklings, or poults), and now you're wondering with so many options in feed, which one is the best for their longterm health and well-being. From the start... You've come to the right place! Like big boxes of cereal, there [...]

“An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound of Cure”

Before You Bring Your Chicks Home Benjamin Franklin probably wasn't referring to best practices in animal husbandry when he shared this cautionary message, but planning and prevention should be a priority in the long term care of all our feathered and furry friends. For instance, did you know... With a [...]

How to Store Scratch and Peck Feeds

If you asked your animals, we bet they’d say there is nothing better than a trough of fresh Scratch and Peck to get them ready for their day. Properly storing our feeds will help ensure that the premium quality of the whole grains is retained so your animals get the best nutrition. Here [...]

Guest Post: Mealworm Farming for Your Chickens

If you visit a farmers market in south Snohomish County and stop by a booth called Egg Song Farm, there's a chance you may see a bin of writhing, live insects called mealworms. If you're brave enough, we’ll even invite you to put your hands in the mealie bin and [...]

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