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2024 Chick Picks

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As 2024 is in full swing, have you considered adding to your flock? This is the time of year that chicken math really hits the hardest! We’ve rounded up the favorite chick picks for this year. It includes some chicken classics and some newcomers. So whether you are looking for a new egg color, or a new flockin’ fab breed we have you covered.

Egg Color: Green

Avg. Eggs per year: 150-200

These loveable chickens are very docile and friendly! Some consider them the golden retriever of chickens. Their curious personality is good around kids and makes for a fun backyard flock. Their eggs are a good size, and they lay fairly consistently. Since olive eggers can be a variety of breeds combined, they will vary in coloring and feathered features.

Egg Color: Dark chocolate brown
Avg. Eggs per year: 150-200

These gorgeous chickens are very quiet and gentle! They’re not the largest fan of being held and can be more on the skittish side. Their drive to forage and free range is moderate, making them an option for backyards or hobby farms. Their eggs are a good size and have a STUNNING color. It’s a great addition to your egg rainbow and will delight all your other feather loving friends.

Egg Color: Light beige/brown

Avg. Eggs per year: 150-200

The speckles and feathers on this hen will wow you. Swedish flower hens can have a calm temperament and can wander the day away unfettered. They do enjoy chicken chat with each other, so be prepared to hear all the latest flock gossip. Their eggs are large-extra large with a light pretty pink touch to them. These curious friends would make a great addition to your flock.

Egg Color: Light brown

Avg. Eggs per year: 200

Talk about color and fanfare! This breed is known for those subtle color changes, including this lavender beauty. These hens are definitely made for backyards and enclosed runs, as they are not the best at keeping an eye out for predators. A great starter chicken to keep and have around kids, they’re content to wander the yard and put themselves to bed.  Their eggs are a medium size. Who doesn’t want to have a purple chicken in their flock? These chickens can be harder to find as they are in high demand.

Egg Color: White

Avg. Eggs per year: 150

No, you aren’t seeing a picture of Albert Einstein. But rather, maybe his chicken double? Polish chickens have the ability to put anyone in a good mood with their funky do’ and calm demeanor. They can be skittish since their hair headpiece sometimes impedes their sight line. But are great with kids and a good addition to any beginner flock. Their eggs are medium with a classic white coloring. These usually cuddly hens are an obvious add-to-cart choice in our book!

Egg Color: Cream

Avg. Eggs per year: 100-120

Silkies are made for Instagram, we swear.  With their fluffy cotton ball bodies and silky-to-the-touch feel, it’s a backyard chicken enthusiast’s dream. Silkie chickens are calm and tolerate being held well. Just make sure not to mistake them for a beanie baby in your kid’s room! This is a chicken you add to your flock solely for looks and personality. Their eggs tend to the small/extra small side and infrequently lay, usually 3-4 times a week on average. Soon enough, you’ll want a silkie in every color.

Egg Color: Brown

Avg. Eggs per year: 200

If you’re of all things lace, the Wyandotte will be right at home in your brood. With their gorgeous framed feathers and docile nature. it’s an easy must-have. With so many color variations, it can be hard not to get them all. They do enjoy bawk talk, so might be better suited for larger backyards or roaming areas. With that gorgeous feathering also comes a hardiness to cold. They are a solid chicken choice that offers a myriad of hypnotizing patterns.

Egg Color: Light brown

Avg. Eggs per year: 200

These gentle giants are a favorite of chicken keepers worldwide. They are a flockin’ fab addition we can’t recommend enough. Brahmas prefer cooler climates due to their lush plumage. Known for their laid-back personality, they can help balance the scales against any flock divas. With their tendency to be quieter, it’s a peck-fect fit for a backyard. Plus they have some feathered legs, bringing some extra style to the mix!

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