Most people generally accept that they have the option to choose organic when it comes to the food on their table. In fact, as more people seek authenticity and trust in the food they buy for their families, sales of organic products continue to grow year-over-year.  Similarly, the trend for growing or raising our own food continues to accelerate as people aim to know more about their food and want to know its origins.

At Scratch and Peck Feeds, we celebrate the movement toward organic agriculture that more people are embracing, plus the sustainable practice of raising more local, more community-focused food! We support these endeavors and look for opportunities to foster that momentum. Our yearly resolution is to increase our outreach efforts about the importance of going organic from the start – from the start of your day, from the start of your grocery list, or from the start of your food chain. Wherever it makes sense for you, we hope you join us. It’s a goal we’re passionate and excited about, and we’re putting out the rally cry to our loyal retailers and customers to join us in our endeavor. One of the ways we’re doing that is with Organic from Day 1.

You’ve heard us say “you are what your animals eat,” and that starts from the beginning. Feeding our animals organic from the time they are born is just as important as feeding them organic when they are viable, healthy, food-producing adults. Whole health for our animals means whole health for ourselves and our families.

What does whole health look like for our animals? It’s not much different from how whole health looks for all of us. Clean water, fresh air, natural remedies and treatments, and unprocessed, organic food that is free of additives, fillers, and preservatives. For our chickens and ducks, lots of daylight and space to roam and forage naturally year round is necessary. Holistic natural care, such as organic herbs sprinkled on their food and apple cider vinegar and garlic added to their fresh water can give them extra boosts of preventative care and overall healthy living. Raw whole grains that can be sprouted or fermented for even more nutrition make for happy birds.

Essentially, raising our animals organic from day one is getting back to our roots, before hormones and pesticides became common practice in agriculture and animals were treated as commodities rather than living beings. We’re taking back our food system, and we invite you to join us.

If you’re starting a new flock of chicks or ducks this spring, feed ‘em organic from day one with our Naturally Free Organic Starter. It’s Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and is a blend of whole grains grown regionally, many of which are grown specifically for our feed. The feed contains the appropriate level of protein that aids in their healthy development. There are no medications in any of our feeds, which is why we encourage people to practice holistic care with their chickens and ducks through clean living space and supplements.

scratch-peck-feeds-donationBy raising your own chickens and ducks organic from day one, you’ll gain down-to-earth know-how, trust the food on your plate, and know your farmer (you!) You’ll also be part of the clean food movement toward 100% organic agriculture. That would mean that hormones, pesticides or GMOs would no longer be used, water quality would be preserved, soil nutrients would remain strong and increase nourishment in our food, and that animal health and welfare would be protected. That’s a victory worth fighting for!

Healthy eggs start with healthy chickens and ducks. Looking to buy chicks that are fed organic from day one? Visit Organic from Day 1 to see if there’s a participating retailer near you. These retailers are furthering their commitment to organic by keeping their chicks in separate brooders and feeding them our Naturally Free Organic Starter and Cluckin’ Good Chick Grit. With these great advocates on board already, plus all of you who help us promote the importance of organic, we know we can make huge strides together.