Your Mini Pigs Deserve Grand Feasts!

Your Mini Pigs Deserve Grand Feasts!

Mini pigs are known by many names, including Teacup, Nano, Micro, and Pixie. They are unique, beloved members of the swine family, and mini pig owners who have opened their homes and hearts to them are looking for a healthy organic option to sustain the life and vitality of their pets. The small stature of mini pigs (averaging 150 lbs or less) requires well-managed diets and careful attention to specific needs, which change as the animals age. We’re excited to now offer those sought-after choices for mini pig owners. Better still, we’ve created recipes for mini pigs that stay true to our whole grain, raw, unprocessed, and high quality animal food! Mini pig lovers, we’re proud to offer your little oinkers our Organic Mini Pig Adult Feed and Organic Mini Pig Maintenance Feed!

What’s the Scoop on These Feeds?

Organic Mini Pig Adult Feed contains the proper amount of fiber, protein, and fat content to help young pigs grow into adulthood. The balanced feed ensures pigs consume the healthy diet needed for controlled growth and an active lifestyle.

Organic Mini Pig Maintenance Feed is for aging pigs that are less active need moderate protein content, while maintaining appropriate fiber and fat quantities. The feed is formulated to help adult pigs consume a healthy and balanced diet by satisfying hunger without encouraging unnecessary growth.

Both blends contain Organic Flaxseed Meal and Organic Flaxseed Oil for Omega-3-rich nutrients, plus are fortified with selenium, biotin and amino acids – all which help support mini pigs’ hair, skin, hooves, and immune health. Yucca Root has been added to our mixes to discourage urinary calculi – solid particles in the urinary system that can lead to serious health issues for mini pigs – and to decrease ammonia in the animals’ urine.

Why Mini Pig Feed?

Scratch and Peck Feeds Organic Mini PigOver the years, we have received dozens of requests for an organic, non-GMO feed for mini pigs. Because we originally began as a poultry and livestock food company, producing a feed for pets didn’t align with our farming focus. However, our values for all animals to be treated well and provided the most nutritious meals possible kept coming up for mini pigs, especially with the lack of quality options available. We are happy to be a company with room to be flexible. As backyard chickens have found their way into the hearts of pet owners, we decided it was time to produce a feed for another farm animal turned pet – the mini pig!

Where is Organic Mini Pig Adult and Organic Mini Pig Maintenance Sold?

We are currently selling our organic mini pig feeds in 40 lbs bags through feed retailers. Our outside team is working hard to make the mini pig feed available through retailers who already carry our feeds and products. If you are interested in purchasing feed for your mini pig, contact your favorite local feed store and ask if they will carry our feeds. It’s helpful for them to know the demand is there!

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