If you’re wondering where to get started, how to transition to a new feed, or whether to give one of our new products a try,

you’ve come to the right place!

Stage One: Here you’ll find guides and infographics for feeding your brood of new baby chicks and ducklings from hatchlings to eight weeks. Join The Flock and get the latest news, education, and shared knowledge from flock friends around the country who have joined the journey.

Stage Two: With 10+ years of experience researching, formulating, and producing premium animal feeds, we’re happy to share the industry’s best practices for transitioning your growing teenage birds to one of our naturally- free organic layer feeds.

Stage Three: We share practical recommendations about how to select the right feed for your flock and your lifestyle. We also share helpful information on the importance of feeding supplements like grit and oyster shell and which treats are best for keeping birds of all ages and breeds healthy and happy.

See the corresponding feed recommendations at the bottom of this page.

Take a tour of Scratch and Peck Feeds products specifically developed for optimum nutrition and the maximum benefit for your growing flock.

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