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Has your brick and mortar business adapted to accommodate your customers through (1) Delivery? (2) Curbside pickup? Or, (3) Online orders? More importantly, is our store correctly listed (address, hours, contact)?

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Claims & Contracts

For specific questions about authorized retailer agreements or assistance with claims, please connect with your regional sales representative. General questions can be submitted to info@scratchandpeck.com. 

Contractual & Legal Documents

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Learning Center

Our Learning Center is filled with blogs, videos, guides, FAQs, and more! If you’re coaching a new team about Scratch and Peck Feeds, this is the place to find more. Here’s a sample of the cluckin’ good news you’ll find there…

Infographics – Feeding Stages

 Infographics are a fun and informative way to share information with your customers. Print and share as giveaways at special events, workshops, new store openings, or include in your own customer communications.

  • Feeding Chicks & Ducklings to 8 Weeks
  • Feeding Birds 9 to 20 Weeks
  • Feeding Birds 20+ Weeks
  • Turkeys: Stages 1 through 3

Frequent Buyer Programs

ASTRO Loyalty Program

Working with our retailers, we support the ASTRO Loyalty frequent buyer program offered by many of our authorized retailers:

    • Grubs (20-oz, 3.5-lbs) | Grub Club Official Frequent Buyer – Buy 6 Get One Free | The Scratch and Peck Feeds Grub Club is an opportunity for your customers to get delicious Cluckin’ Good Grubs for their birds and other, insect-loving pets.
    • Naturally Free Organic Layer Feed 16% (25-lb, 40-lb) | Official Frequent Buyer – Buy 12 Get 1 Free | The Scratch and Peck Feeds Frequent Buyer Feed Program is an opportunity for customers to get Super Premium, whole grain, Naturally Free Organic Layer 16% feed.

For more information about Astro Loyalty frequent buyer programs and becoming a participating retailer visit: https://www.astroloyalty.com/.

Sales & Marketing Tools

As an authorized Scratch and Peck Feeds Retailer it’s easy to participate in our promotional sales and marketing campaigns and the benefits to members are immediately rewarded to you, our participating retailers! Flock’s Journey is one example of the behind the scenes work we do to educate and engage with affinity groups, prospective and existing consumers from coast to coast.

Flock’s Journey is a fun and easy way to build customer loyalty. Upon online sign-up through our website, every new customer member receives a Welcome Letter with a generous 20% instore coupon redeemable through our authorized retailers, like you! They are invited to connect with us through social, join our Facebook Group – The Flock, and receive exclusive quarterly news and special promotions – FREE for all members.

As an authorized participating retailer your Flock’s Journey Sales and Marketing Kit features POS and merchandising collateral including signs, posters, and POS (point of sale) cards. We also include a Campaign Fact Sheet for training customer-facing team members. Members receive exclusive quarterly news and product announcements helping to drive new business to your store.

So get your store onboard and ask our marketing team to send you a Flock’s Journey Campaign Kit! Request your kit today: info@scratchandpeck.com.

Marketing Campaigns & Collateral

NEW! In-Store Training Videos: Product Knowledge With Dan Dalton

    • FEEDS: Learn the basics of what a chick/duckling needs to eat as they grow to adults with an intro to fermenting feeds to unlock extra nutrients.
    • OYSTER: Learn what all egg-laying bird needs so their shells are strong and they remain healthy while laying the most nutritious eggs possible.
    • HERBS: Learn how to use the power of phytochemicals and natural organic dried herbs to boost nutrition and build a naturally strong and healthy immune system.
    • GRIT: Learn why grit is so crucial to unlocking the full nutrient potential of your flocks feed.
    • GRUBS: Learn how grubs are different from mealworms and can be the perfect treat or functional reward to add to your flock’s regular diet.

Cluckin’ Good Product Info

We update this space regularly with fresh news, announcements, and tools for our retailers. If you’re looking for something specific and you don’t find it here, please reach out to your sales representative or our marketing team at marketing@scratchandpeck.com.

Product Info &  Current Products Catalog

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Celebrating 10 years, Scratch and Peck Feeds thoughtfully sources nutritious whole grains and beneficial ingredients from trusted North American farmers. We produce Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, soy-free premium animal feeds, supplements, and treats for chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, sheep, and pigs.

Certified Organic | Non-GMO Project Verified | Soy-Free | Premium Animal Feeds

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