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My chickens are free range, do they still need grit?

Short answer, we say “yes!”

Grit should always be a part of your feeding regimen, even if you have a gravel driveway for the chickens to pick from. Providing grit ensures your flock has equal access and will get the most nutrition from their feed. The chicken gizzard is the most powerful muscle in the body – but it can only do its job with the right-sized grit. The more a bird is foraging, the more grit it needs to process its diet and get the most food value out of that free-range goodness. Grit helps keep the digestion process flowing and reduces the chances of impaction. Feed efficiency (how a bird utilizes and benefits from the feed) improves by giving birds free-choice access to grit.

Head to our blog to read more about why chickens need grit.




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