How Scratch and Peck’s Branding Evolved

How Scratch and Peck’s Branding Evolved

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As you shop for our products on our website or at your favorite local feed store, you may notice a shift in the look of our packaging. We have spent the last year refining our branding, talking with customers and retailers, and asking ourselves, “How is Scratch and Peck Feeds best represented visually?” Perhaps it sounds paradoxical, but the recurring theme was to move our look forward by tapping into our roots. Even though what we’re doing at Scratch and Peck, making Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified feeds, is touted as being the future of feed, what we do is what farmers of yore did – provide animals with clean, wholesome feed.

Because our feeds hearken back to earlier days of agriculture when farmers placed precedence on replenishing the soil to ensure the longevity of the land, we wanted to embrace that focus – simple and earthy, giving a nod to farmers who grow the foods that nourish us and who use methods that nourish Mother Earth. We’ve kept the image of the chicken pecking away at feed (an illustration hand-drawn by our owner’s niece) prominently featured in our logo and on our brown paper feed bags. Our new colors of burnt orange and gray-blues are reminiscent of the orange and blue used on our previous packaging, but are more rustic and softer. We’ve moved to fonts that warmly remind us of faded signs painted on sides of barns we’ve passed along country roads. We’re drawn to the country, to a self-sufficient lifestyle, to getting our hands dirty in our own gardens, as well as personally knowing the farmers who grow our grains and use our feeds, and we want our packaging to reflect our love of earth and agriculture.

Cluckin' Good Oyster Shell  
Our packaging will continue to evolve with an aim toward constant improvement. We plan to bring in more biodegradable and sustainable solutions in the coming year.

Our newly-branded animal feed and poultry treats and supplements will be on the shelves soon, so be on the lookout (and thank your local feed store for helping drive the organic, non-GMO feed movement!) Thank you, as always, for supporting us and inspiring us to grow, change, and welcome new ideas. No one got anywhere by staying in the same place!

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