Our staff and customers are clever, innovative, conscientious people, so when we asked, “How do you repurpose your Scratch and Peck feed bags,” we knew we’d receive an array of answers. What we didn’t anticipate was the treasure trove of ideas that resulted and we’re excited to share them! But first, why the heck do we care what happens to our feed bags after they leave our mill? Because we each have a responsibility to our planet, and as a business, we take that seriously.

Scratch and Peck Feed Bag RepurposedTwo years ago we achieved our B Corp Certification. We didn’t work for that certification simply be able to say we’re a B Corp, but instead to stake our claim and hold our feet to the fire of reducing the waste. One of the ways we’re standing true to that is by having food waste bins in our breakrooms (for lunch scraps and coffee grounds) and around the mill (for grains and ingredients that don’t make it into our feeds). We use ripped bags that can’t be used for feed as liners in those bins to make it easy to toss everything into compost. A 96-gallon bin is used to collect the food waste, yard waste, and other compostable materials, and is collected and picked up weekly. We also recycle all cardboard that comes into our facility, as well as the packaging that comes inside those boxes. In the last year, we reduced the waste from our 41,000 square foot facility from a 2-yard dumpster to a 1-yard dumpster, and even then it’s rarely full for the weekly pickup!

We’re of course proud of these accomplishments, and excited to explore how else we can be better stewards of our planet. Thankfully, we have all of you on our side willing to share your waste-reducing innovation and ingenuity. So, without further ado, here are some of the ways we and many of our customers repurpose our feed bags. Please do leave a comment if you have other wonderful repurposing ideas to share. And to see some of these uses in action and to share your own photos, follow #scratchandpeckbagsrepurposed on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Sabrina S.

Better yet, post your own reuse of our bags and tag your photo!

  • I use your feed bags to line my worm bins for composting. They are the perfect size, thickness, and the ink won’t hurt the worms. – Leah P.
  • Use damaged feed bags in food waste bins to collect scraps and such. When the bag is full, simply take it to the compost bin.
  • All my feed bags go under roosting bars to make coop clean up super fast and easy. Just roll them up and toss. Via @ppeacocks
  • I use them for holding my mixed paper recycling. When it’s time to take it to the dump, it’s easy. No mess. No yucky hands. Via @jomamas_mama
  • Run them through a shredder. They’re great for the compost pile or a worm bed.
  • For parties and gatherings, tack the feed bag to a wall and use them as recycling bins.
  • Winterize a drafty coop by stuffing paper bags into the cracks and/or stapling the paper onto the interior
  • Use them under paint cans to prevent drips or toss them onto the garage floor to catch oil drips under a car
  • Build up your garden bed by laying down the feed bags (the inks on our bags are biodegradable and safe for soils.)
  • Lay on the kitchen counter to catch vegetable peelings, then simply wrap everything up and toss it into compost
  • Use as wrapping paper
  • Use in the bottom of bird or bunny cages for easy housecleaning
  • Tear open the bags and use the backside of the paper for drawing or painting (we have a customer who makes lovely paintings on our feed bags!)