Organic Goat Feed

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Only available in 40 lbs bags through wholesale or stores.

Organic Goat Feed is a Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Organic product. We use a blend of organic grains grown by regional family farms.

Our goat feed is formulated as a supplement to a forage diet for your goats. This feed has cracked grains for easier digestion.

Please Note: This product contains corn.

Feed to goats as a supplement to quality forage diet that is at least 1.5% of the animal’s weight. When changing feeds, transition slowly over 10 – 14 days.

Recommended offering:

  • Kids — Free choice hay plus 1/2 lb of grain feed per head.
  • Lactating does — Free choice hay plus 1/2 – 1 lb per day per head.
  • Bucks — 1 – 2 lbs per head during breeding season. Offer plenty of fresh water.

*Do not feed to sheep. This product contains added copper and can be toxic to sheep.

Organic Oats, Organic Peas, Organic Corn, Organic Flaxseed Meal, Organic Wheat, Organic Barley, Organic Sesame Meal, Ground Limestone, Vitamins and Minerals

4 reviews for Organic Goat Feed

  1. Juliette Berto

    We just got our first goats a couple of months ago as full-grown does. We made sure to give them their current grains before adding new product, and as I noticed over time, the higher concentration of Scratch and Peck in the mix, the more excited they became about their grains! They were pretty excited at grain time to begin with, but now that they are exclusively on the Organic Goat Grains from Scratch and Peck, they go crazy and I’m lucky if they don’t knock it out of my hands before it’s put in their dishes! Goats approved of the switch!

  2. Roni Smith

    Our goats look fantastic! I have never had any trouble with them keeping at a 6 BSC, even at the far end of lactation. I even had one gal sneak in for breeding, producing her 2nd freshening in 9 months. Not ideal in any way, but she did great! She never dropped BSC and is now pumping out tons of milk. Our ladies only get grains during breeding and lactation (In addition to BOSS and alfalfa pellets). The rest of the time, they are on pasture/browse with free-choice local grass hay. I have never have to treat for any deficiencies and have never had health issues. I feel incredibly confident in this feed, in fact all of our animals eat S&P.

  3. Lauren

    I love that it’s organic and soy-free, but upon opening the bag it smells rancid and goats won’t touch it 🙁 Expensive failed experiment.

  4. Scratch and Peck Feeds

    Hi Lauren, we’re sorry you had a problem with our Organic Goat Feed. If you wouldn’t mind, could you either email us at or call us at (360) 318-7585 so we can figure out what the issue was with the feed? We mill to order, and do not store our feed, so would like to know where and when it was purchased. Also, if you still have the bag, please hang onto it so we can get the mill date and batch number from it. We’d love to make this right, so appreciate any information about the bag you purchased that you can provide.

  5. Jeanne Carlson

    I love the Goat Feed but more often then not the feed is dusty and has more ‘fines” then grain pieces. Apparently that happens if the sack was filled at the end o the ‘run’. I wish they had a way of insuring that the feed is not more fines then solids, as my goats won’t eat it, and if they do, it makes them cough.
    Sadly, looking for another source of organic goat feed. The feed store will take back these bad sacks, but it’s a hassle to do so.

  6. Scratch and Peck Feeds

    Hi Jeanne, we’re sorry to hear that you haven’t had good experiences with our goat feed. Because of the nature of the ingredients in our Organic Goat Feed, there may be more fines than other feeds. Some options to ensure the fines are eaten by your goats are to scoop and mix from the bottom of the bag to incorporate the fines, provide the feed slightly dampened with water, or to ferment the feed. We’d love for you to give our feed another shot, but of course understand if it’s not right for your needs. Thank you for your input — we always appreciate it!

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