You are what your animals eat!

Certified Organic | Verified Non-GMO | Raw | No Soy | No Canola | Locally-Sourced

We manufacture Organic Chicken Feed, Organic Turkey Feed, Organic Pig Feed, Organic Goat Feed, and more!  All of our feeds are completely 100% Soy Free and 100% Canola Free and our Naturally Free line of products are also Corn Free.  Our feeds are completely Raw with our limited processing technique. When you use our organic feed, you can rest assured that you are protecting your animals, your family and your health, because “you are what your animals eat!”

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As a family business, we are happy to be helping backyard chicken farmers, and other home livestock producers, to make honest and true choices about where their food comes from.  Raising your own chickens for organic, non-gmo eggs and meat gives you a direct connection to your food that is profound and fun.  Feeding your livestock Organic, GMO-free foods supports the healthy lifestyle that more and more families are working towards.

We are dedicated to providing you the best quality Organic and Non-GMO feeds available. All our best to you!  – The Scratch and Peck Family


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